Monday, November 18, 2013

Moving right a long...

The Veteran rep told us it is all "in process" but it doesn't help when the old goat, tells them things like,

"I'm just passing through"


"I might be going to Texas."

TEXAS???  He doesn't know anybody in Texas!   This just slows things down or confuses an already confused bureaucratic program.

The Rep also mentioned, they might have room for him at Barstow Ca's veteran home situated in the high desert of southern California.They will connect back with us sometime Wednesday. Meanwhile we were advised to not take him out of the shelter - we may not be able to get him back in.

If time runs out, there is a homeless shelter for veterans in Chico - but they just had a bedbug problem. WONDERFUL.  Then there is Sacramento. 

Charlene and Roy

Seems he found a Labor-ready temp job.  Charleen is doing great although she does like to watch too much TV and she tends to follow me around like a lost puppy.  Later this afternoon, I am teaching her how to make dinner using ground chicken and what she has in her cupboards. She has a lot of food in that RV but she tends to eat badly - like a bowl of rice with cheese on it. Mainly because, she doesn't know how to cook.  I do believe she needs to be monitored or I can use index cards to show her step by step, on what to do first, second, and so on. Like I've said, she is not retarded but she is very much learning disabled and it's hard for her to learn things. She can and its not impossible - she just needs a new way to learn things that is right for her. I am learning so much about this now that I never knew before. Sometimes she really surprises me at what she does know - she may sound like a 13 year old girl but inside is a woman, who just cannot express herself, and who has problems with learning and retaining that information. 

Cal Fresh went through for both of them - however he is gone now, with the card. They were approved for $351 and free medical and dental. She called the office telling them, they have separated so they told her to apply in her own name and he has to cancel his. Tomorrow we will check out the center for independent living for her - art classes and workshops. She needs activities to keep her mind going. Fortunately she does love to read.

I am so behind in my businesses - It's almost a total wash for me. Too late to do any type of events, now so close to Christmas. Most vendor events are already scheduled. 

It is a dark and dreary day - hard to get used to after weeks of beautiful sunshine and mild temperatures. I finally had to turn on the furnace for the first time this season.


  1. I can feel your frustration you could crap the silly old bugga and throttle him for saying what he did.........................
    It is also frustrating when you are trying to teach someone something and they can't get it, I know what you mean about writing step by step instructions I had to do that for my daughter till she got the hang on how to cook things.............

    1. I am learning patience. A LOT of it.

  2. The Cal Fresh came through pretty quickly, it seems. Someone following you around is not a good thing.

    1. Yesterday I told her gently, I needed some space - she seemed to not take it personal and went back to the RV and cleaned up and then read. She needs a hobby.


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