Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Losers and Winners and dysfunctionate people

There are losers in life and then there are winners.  You don't have to have the fancy car or expensive home to be a winner. It's the ability to recognize opportunities and seize them. To take risks and chances so you can move forward. Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn't. That's life.

Roy walks through the house, and tells Charleen he is taking a walk.  She looks like a pitiful little puppy - TOTAL STRESS in her face. Teary eyes.  So I just call her out and ask her,

"Roy wants to leave?"

And the tears just flowed down her cheeks. All because he has to take a written exam - and all the other changes that making a new start would entail. 

So, at this moment he is on his cell phone, trying to make arrangements to leave either tomorrow or Thursday.

Charleen says she feels she has to go with him because he is her husband. (gag me with a spoon) I told her she needs to do what SHE WANTS - that he is only thinking of himself (the selfish a-hole) So she is going up with him, but I did tell her, if the situation of his unemployment gets worse and you can't take it anymore, our door is always open. She understands that and deep down she wants to stay with us, but I think there are more issues. I bluntly asked her if he has ever hit her and she of course said NO, and that he hardly yells.  But he is controlling. Oh sure, he always tells her she can do what she wants, but it really isn't okay and she understands that message LOUD and CLEAR.

Meanwhile the husband is sleeping - he stayed up well past what he should of, to get that good sleep before he goes to work tonight at midnight.  The last he heard was, that they want to leave. He was calm and basically just said, "It's on them now."

Foodie said he went out and saw him, said Hi and Roy just looked at him. There is no excuse for that!  How rude.

I hope they DO go - I don't need this.


  1. Didn't they just get there?

    1. Yes, they had arrived on Friday and this was Tuesday.


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