Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Just so sad...

When the husband came home from work yesterday morning, I could tell he was burdened. The first thing he did, was phone his dad - but no answer.  He phoned the sister who called us. No answer. So his next call was to the local police in the town, his dad and step-mother live in. He explained the situation and they did a well-check to see what was going on. Later they phoned saying, that they saw him to be of sound mind and body, and that he was not being coerced into leaving; he wanted to leave. Upon hearing this, he phoned back over to their house and demanded to talk to his dad. When he came on the phone, my husband just told his dad, he had to cancel because Wednesday was not good for us, and that we have no place for him. His dad pretty much assumed we would rescue him from his bad behavior. Instead, the arrogant and stubborn 87 yr old man, told him, he would figure it out once he landed in Sacramento at midnight Wednesday morning, and hung up on his son.

I was glad my husband stood his ground. Like he said, it would be different if he was this innocent victim. But he's not. He assaulted 2 people with his cane and while doing so, almost hit a 2 year old child in the process. 

Still sad, that it has come down to this.

I honestly do not know what is going to happen. I do know that there is not an area in my home, that we could even put him. I think what angers me, is they all just assumed we would be able to take him. We really had no say in the matter. No time, to make other arrangements. It's like we were being punished and left to clean up his mess.

Meanwhile - R and C are adjusting. I think they are homesick for Washington State. Although we have had beautiful sunny skies and they sure do like that. It is damp, cloudy and dreary just about 8 months of the year. It's been cold at night and the mornings. - They signed up for all that they could yesterday. They only have less than $100 between them. Because of their extreme case, they were told they will find out in 3 days if they get medical, dental, cash assistance and Cal-fresh.

I was impressed at how organized R was, with all his paperwork. He has copies of everything - documenting his unemployment. C also has documentation of her developmental disability which she could use to apply for SSI and other services. C is an artist. We have a place here in town, for developmentally disabled artists - it's a studio where they can create and learn all art mediums. They get to keep 75% of their art at the store front, that is there or craft shows and the 25% recycles back into the program for supplies and upkeep. She is VERY INTERESTED in getting into this.

They have to take a written exam for California drivers license. They will have to get their old car smogged to California standards which might break them. It's a 89 Acura.

Today we go to the library, their bank for copies of their statement they will need for their interview - the art studio, State Farm to change over, DMV to pick up handbooks so they can study.  

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  1. It is hard but your husband has to do what he things is right, despite how difficult it might be

  2. The situation with your FIL sounds bad. People really should ask.

    1. Yeah they should of just made arrangements for him in Wisconsin. To send him out there when we are going through a mess with the kids - is just not right.


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