Monday, November 25, 2013

clothes shopping

I guess I stuck my nose where it shouldn't go - it was bound to happen sooner or later. 

I offered to buy Charleen some new jeans or a skirt - something new to wear for Thanksgiving. Nothing fancy, just something that wasn't the same thing she wears day in and day out. She is wearing a size 16/18 and they just look so big. But when she tried on a 14 it was too tight.  She likes to wear really baggy jeans, boot cut - with the jean cuff turned up and with tennis shoes. A T-shirt that hangs on her and a fleece jacket all the time. Even if it is 70 degrees, she wears it. It has paint on it and looks dirty. I suggested a few things, but she didn't like any of it. Just basically the same old thing. She told me she even got married in jeans and a t-shirt! She says, she is "just a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal."  I consider myself a jeans kinda gal - jean pants, jean skirts, denim, chambray - but I do like them to fit nice.  I like boots or clogs and I do like leggings and am glad they are back in style. I used to be a clothes horse in my younger day. I do like dresses but funky ones. My style is eclectic-funk.

She apologized to me, for disappointing me.  Oh gosh I felt so bad. I hadn't realized I was stressing her out and she just doesn't want to change.  I hugged her and told her I was not disappointed and that I will lay off. I only wanted to buy her a nice outfit.

So I feel like a heel. I know they have had a rough 2 years - and like she told me,  she had to adapt to her situation. Plus up in Washington State, I have to admit - so many people up there dress drab.  Must be the weather. 

I just never had a daughter - and I guess I was wanting to "doll" her up.  She has the basics - heck every woman has the basics! I want to braid her hair - she has shoulder length dull brown hair that she hardly ever keeps combed. That's it. I thought maybe getting it up off her face - with a little eye makeup and I would take her picture. Then we could buy 2 dollar-tree frames, put the picture in the frames and she could send one up to her mom and to Roy for Christmas.

It's back to the drawing board....


  1. Would she consider highlights? You could do them.

    1. That's funny you mentioned that, because I was thinking of giving myself some highlights and thought maybe she might want some too.

  2. It sucks when that happens, but she knows your heart was in the right place.............(in your chest)
    I am jeans and t shirt person too but I like my clothes to look nice and fit me...............but was are all different and some people feel better dressed in a more casual (sloppy) looking clothes.........

    1. I like to be neat, clean and put together, all the while, wearing jeans. Don't like sloppy baggy although I do have somefavorite baggy jeans just to garden or paint or lounge around in.


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