Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Back to the old grind

I was looking at the job section last night and came across a job I might be interested in. Receptionist at a MJ Collective here in town. It would be a job-share with another person or two. Less than 20 hours shared a week. I could do that! So I am thinking about applying...(maybe)

The husband did finally touch bases with his father - and they are getting together this morning for brunch. Actually his dad sounds good, as if he is enjoying this adventure. Right now he is at a homeless mission and gets 3 meals a day and a bed to sleep in. Still a mess though - they should of not just sent him here without prior notice. But then again, with his limited funds, and we're a full house here, where would could he go?  I still think they could of put him somewhere back there - at least through the winter. I have no idea, how long it will take to get him into low income senior housing or into a Veteran home.

My husband is really being stretched thin. His daughter and son-in-law NEED him and now his father. Back to the daughter and SIL, they can't even figure out how to turn on the fan in the RV. Finally Charleen asked him to do it and he said, "I'll walk you through it, but I am not going to do it for you."  She took a deep breath and sighed.

I mean, is that wrong??? I don't think so. That is one of the problems. They try to manipulate us, so that we do it for them. I applied for a job for him, the other night with him beside me all because he is afraid of the computer. (Those viruses you know) Took me an hour of my time. Later, the husband told me, I shouldn't of done that and he is right. Now I refer them to my husband.

I asked him to clean out my car and wash it - a few days ago for some gas money and he still has not done it. It's suppose to rain today.

What would YOU do, if you had no money?  What jobs would YOU do, and what jobs wouldn't you do?  Would you panhandle?  

I noticed on Craigslist several posts from people, begging for a job. Raking leaves, doing odd jobs, babysitting, pet-sitting, ANYTHING. With the exception of cleaning out a reptile cage, there are very few jobs I wouldn't do. And even THAT would depend on how hungry I was, or if I needed a warm place to stay. Back in the 60's once, I panhandled in Golden Gate Park - I can't even remember what we used the money for. Once a homeless guy came up to me, as I was parked in the Target parking lot, and asked me if he could wash my windows. At first I said No...but we started talking. He wanted to work for a donation. I then allowed him his dignity and he washed my windows, and did an excellent job. He said he can make about $20-50 a day doing this. In essence, he was self-employed and you could tell, he was proud of himself. He could afford to go to the movies once a week, and give money for his child.

Speaking of children, Daughter told me she is off the pill.  WHAT!?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?  So she needs to get in to the women's health clinic before it is too late. She actually told me, "we are trying to be careful."  Ahhhh famous last words. How about abstaining until you get a job and a home????  Or am I being mean, cruel and heartless? 

So be it.


  1. Yeah so many young people today have to much "pride" to do some jobs and I think get over it and stop being so bloody picky work is work and money is better then no money........................

    If your daughter has a child then so be it, unless she is going to expect you to support the child then she needs to keep her legs closed.......................sorry if that sounds harsh but I cannot stand people having children the expecting someone else to fork out money for the child's needs

    1. It's annoying. I guess they really have to hit a bottom-bottom before they will do anything.

  2. Oh my gosh....I just blogged about a very similar topic just a minute ago. And I saw that you were now following my blog, so I wanted to see your blog. How funny.....we are in similar places.


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