Thursday, November 14, 2013

Are we having fun yet?

The mornings I am able to cope - it's the late afternoons and evenings
 I start to feel overwhelmed

So far all this week, the Husband has been dealing with his father. He took a fall at the shelter the other night and thankfully did not hurt himself seriously. He also wet his bed and puddled the floor, and so the shelter told us, they cannot have that. So the husband had to go out and purchase adult diapers for his dad. WE pray, that did the trick for last night. Or else he will be without the shelter.

Things are rolling along, in a positive way for my FIL in the way of getting the help he needs. Of course everything takes time and patience.  One of the low income senior-housing apartments called saying they have a 2 bedroom apt available. I don't know if he will be able to afford that.  At the VA, they checked his records and found that he was one of the ones who help load "little boy" onto the plane that dropped the bomb on Hiroshima.  They are filing a claim with the VA, that perhaps the cancer he has (that is all over his body) is from that.  They also are checking him for PTS.  At that time, he and the other sailors did not know what "little boy" was going to be used for. They had no idea and to this day, he is haunted by that.

Charleen and Roy -   "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink."

It is Thursday and I just asked Charleen, what their plans are for today.  She tells me, they are going to go for a walk and enjoy the sunshine and "organize their paperwork."

OKAY - yesterday I gave them directions to all the places they need to go to for help.  He still has not washed my car.

All he does is fret, and take naps in the afternoon. Tuesday he was "sick" supposedly. He said he had terrible pain in his gut - I offered to take him to emergency. (calling his bluff) and he refused like any good martyr would do.

Seems he is too good to apply for many jobs - entry level jobs just to give them gas money. And he drags his feet on applying for General Assistance. I guess they seem to think, we will just give them cash.  We have told them, we won't. They will have a rude awakening, when they get down to nothing - if they are expecting us to bail them out.

This is totally what I thought was going on up in Washington but the Husband wanted to believe the good in them. I am very perceptive - I can recognize freeloaders when I see them and hear them. Of course, the Husband is stubborn and continually tries to tell me my sons, are just like them.  HOW?  They both have jobs, are paying their bills and do not have a wife to support. Sure, they need to get out on their own but right now with IRS bills, and such, they cannot afford it just yet.

Charleen has told me how Roy likes to verbally abuse her - no yelling but he plays mental and emotional games with her, telling her that he believes their marriage is a marriage of convenience.  Huh? He also threatens her, that he is going to leave. I told her, "Let him leave!  We'll get you plugged in to SSI and art programs." They should of never married to begin with. He knew he was marrying a learning disabled adult woman. He says she smothers him and she does agree she does that. She has become very dependent on him HOWEVER, he also is dependent on her. She helps him on the computer to the best of her ability and listens to the recorded prompts on the phone and tells him what to do.  He can't figure out how to even listen and follow phone prompts. She even told me in confidence, she believes he is also learning disabled.

Learning disabled or Lazy disabled. Its hard to decipher the difference.

My life sucks right now.

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