Saturday, November 23, 2013

A turning point?

Do I even DARE say, things might be looking better?  This morning, the FIL is being moved to a temporary care facility for about 2 weeks and then after that, the plan is to move him to Assisted Living. Thanks to the VA and other agencies that finally started working together. Actually I hate to admit it, but him having this episode, was the grease that got the wheel going.

Yesterday the husband took Charleen out with him and I had all day to myself. I loved it. I feel so much better this morning.

Next week I will be checking out some places that help with Learning disabled people - Soon, she will be able to get a physical and find out the cause of her shaking. Poor dear, cannot even load up a taco due to the shaking. I am observing all of this because she put me down on the SSI as the one who will be observing her and filling out the questionnaire about her motor-skills and abilities.  I talked to the husband's sister who happens to work with LD adults. I did not know this, so I had many questions for her. One thing she told me was no matter how hard it was, I must insist she try to do things for herself. LD adults sometimes, get lazy and just let people do things for them. Charleen has admitted this to me - always letting Roy do things for her. Yes it takes her time and she is slow but most of the time, she can do things for herself. She definitely needs to keep busy during the day and have structure.  She won't learn anything for her own good, sitting around watching reruns of Charmed. She also went all day yesterday, not mentioning her husband. I am so tired of hearing about that jerk - it's hard for me to keep my own emotions out of it.

So this afternoon, our VFW post is having a turkey dinner for everyone. I am bringing mashed potatoes.  It will be nice to get out and enjoy some company for a little while.


  1. Please go and enjoy yourself. This is one of the things that caregivers lack, is me-time. This is my problem, I am doing everything for everyone else but ME.
    I know how you feel, if I say anything about things looking up, I find that everything may come down.....
    Its called "Murphy's Law".
    Hugs to you

  2. That's nice you had a day alone and things seem to be looking up.

  3. Does she drink? Parkinson's? Neurological? I sometimes shake because of medication.

    1. It is neurological I believe - might be due to the grand mal seizure she had when she was a infant. I know she has high blood pressure - I was also thinking either diabetes or hypoglycemic???? She has to make sure she eats something every couple of hours. As soon as she gets her medical card, she's going in for a physical.

  4. Well that is great news about your father in-law hope he is happy at both the temporary care facility and the Assisted Living place.


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