Wednesday, November 06, 2013

A new day

YOU WON'T BELIEVE THIS - they are staying.

At least for a bit longer. Roy did come in last night to apologize - explaining to me how hard it is for him, and basically making excuses. What can I do? I accepted his apology because I do want to live in some sort of harmony, even if it is dysfunctional. So, we've gone through this first cycle - it's only a matter of time, when he cycles out again.

So, I've just been blessed to see a bit of his character. Maybe it is a good thing (Now hear me out) that it all happened so soon into this 'adventure" - because now I know that I must distance myself from him the best way I can without causing another "issue" and defer him to my husband for the big stuff.
They do have a appointment with Cal Fresh at 8am tomorrow (Thursday) so they are starting to get plugged in.  - You know, I kinda resent the fact that HE will get on this now, especially how he was talking trash about California yesterday.  YEAH it is this state which he says has pretentious, plastic people in it, that is able to give him a second chance.

I have this love/hate relationship with California. I can talk bad about California, because I live here. But deep down, I love California. Its my state. But let someone else talk bad about my state, and I don't like it one bit.

NEXT WEEK I am going to go down and see my great nephew, that I haven't seen yet due to all of this family stuff. He is already a month old. That will be a pleasant break for me. Also I have been called for jury duty on the 19th. I hope I get on some huge murder trial and I get sequestered for a few weeks.

Oh where is my quiet and alone time??????????? I only have an hour or so in the early morning. And then it's bits and pieces throughout the day.

Taking it one day at a time...


As for the husband's father - he will be flying out today from Wisconsin. Arriving in Sacramento at 11:59 tonight.We did talk to him yesterday, and gave him the name of a shuttle service from the airport and some area motels/hotels he could check into. He said he can take care of it.

There is so much that we have not been told, or been out and out lied to. I remember us asking him if he could stay in the RV, and he said that was out of the question - because he needed his chair.
So, now he flies cross country and he doesn't need his chair?  Now he gets along fine with just his cane. What has changed? 


  1. Huge murder trial. Hahaha

  2. Nothing has changed he is just a difficult person, in my opinion not that my opinion counts but I am saying it anyway.
    Sometimes I have a love/hate relationship with New South Wales but I have lived in this state my whole life so I am allowed right.........

    1. yes you are entitled. Only those who live where they live have the right to complain. That's my opinion.

  3. Alone time is so important. Hopefully you will get more soon.

    1. Thanks - So far I am doing well after a very nice restful weekend.


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