Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Yes I can!

I can handle anything life throws at me. I pretty much have to! Now that does not mean, I won't at times, fall apart or get depressed or want to curl up in a ball in the corner and just cry.  I have to keep going no matter what.

Honestly it could be worse. We could be fighting a terminal illness. Another loved one could die. To me those are the main life-type events I have problems dealing with.

So yesterday was a busy and productive day for me.  BTW, Miss Buster is fine. No parasites, all tests came back negative. Not going to worry about having to put the $201 on a care credit card.  Thank God I had it and I could. She has to take a liquid medicine that she hates - 3-4 small meals a day and rest. We are doting on her, even more than we already do. She loves it.

It was an Avon day all day - I even recruited a friend from Virginia, to sell - at least through the Christmas selling season. Now - there is no more of me just dabbling - I need to get out there, throw caution to the wind and sell.

Today I have to get myself ready for that parking lot sale on Sat. AND get into that RV and clean it up. It is so cute though - much better than what they were living in. A tacky garage studio that is smaller than our 34 x 10 motor-home. A queen-size bed, TV, AC, kitchen, living room. They have their own bathroom. (We used to call it our "on-suite") We do have to get the furnace fixed and soon. All the houses here have hook-ups for RV's, so that is easy to do - except no sewer hook ups so, we will have to take it to a dump station every couple of weeks. No problem.

I had a awesome sleep last night, so that is why I seem so positive today. Sleep works wonders, doesn't it?


  1. I am so very glad and happy that things are turning a corner. I am so happy for Miss B. I think that a lot of blogger friends had you on the assembly line belt to speed up help to you.
    I think if I got better sleep, things would turn, but I just can't do it. Too much stress and too hard to relax enough to sleep.
    I hope that the kids can get their lives straightened up. I have been there many times, and sometimes you have to totally give up everything and just start over. I wish them much blessings and luck in doing so.
    Please take care.

  2. I am pretty good at handling what life throws at me as well, as my mum says we have no choice we just brush off the crap and maybe have a shower the carry on with life. Both my life and my mums life are pretty busy so we don't have time to let stuff get on top of us..........


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