Friday, October 11, 2013


Last night we get a phone call from my husband's father and step-mother from Wisconsin.  I wasn't paying attention to the one-sided conversation - but when the Husband got off the phone he was scratching his head -

Apparently, they are wanting to separate. Not divorce - just live apart from each other. Like my father-in-law wants to move closer to us and she wants to stay in Wisconsin near her children.  They told the husband, due to health issues, they are unable to care for each other.  WTH???  What ever happened to, "till death we do part?"  Now it's, "till bad-health we do part?? " We suspect there might be other issues. Both are in their 80's - he is 86 and she is 80/81. Maybe he tried to hit her with his cane - I'm not joking. He can be a sweetie but I know, he can be a pill. So I don't know.

So he wants us to try and find him a retirement place for $1000 a month. That is all he can afford.  Well unfortunately, that is not going to happen. The place where my son works at - is more like a care facility but they charge something like $4000 a week! Maybe it is cheaper at a retirement place but he needs care too. So I'm thinking, there is just no way.

He would have to live in California for a while - to be eligible for the new Veterans Home that my husband works at. So that is out of the question.

I keep telling the husband, that he does have 3 other siblings - and they are up in Washington State. Plus his daughter and son-in-law are up there too.  Maybe they could all three get a place together and take care of him. Just trying to come up with something that could benefit everyone.

Although the husband told them, they are supposed to pull together during these latter times - not apart. That's why I think there is MORE to this story they are not telling us.

Every old couple in my family, would of never done this. My grandparents stayed together - maybe they didn't have the health issues, I don't know.....

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  1. Eighties??? What are they thinking. I don't get it. Thanks for stopping by....I've missed you.

  2. Yeah I would think there is more to it, my pop cared for my nan who has Alzheimer's right up till he went into hospital himself then she went into the nursing home, I don't know how much it cost though. I do know that when my aunt Joyce was in a nursing home it cost all her pension plus $1300 per month

  3. In older age it's good for them to be in same place...

  4. My husband's grandpa told my husband that the longer you are married the more the little things drive you crazy. Maybe at their age, they don't want to be driven crazy. Maybe he can't handle the hard winters anymore.


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