Sunday, October 06, 2013

win some - lose some

I am totally thrown off my regular daily blog schedule.  Lately there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day.

So far this month, I was able to pay all the bills except for 2, that are not due yet and I feel pretty good that maybe I have FINALLY got a grip on how to manage my bills and all - being paid only once a month. Nothing major has cropped up that we need to purchase except for a new battery for "the Beast".  She is not running and we've jumped her, used the battery charger and nothing.

WEIGH IN - Now my weigh in's are only once a month which is fine by me. I don't need to be weighing myself all the time. I am down by 2 lbs so I am good. Not really "dieting" just making good choices although I do not withhold anything from myself. I love chocolate and I allow myself to thoroughly enjoy it now and then.

My AT HOME business - Well that surely FLOPPED and it wasn't me!  I was doing quite well, marketing my page and business on Facebook. I was enjoying the creativity of making ads - Then around mid July I started noticing how long it was taking them to ship products. I asked.  The top consultants who I believe also have a financial stake in that company were quick to reprimand us for asking questions, telling us to not be so "negative." I'd call the company - I'd have to leave a message. No call back. I emailed several times.  Finally sometime in August we got a email and a company phone call telling us they have a new shipping distribution center and they were backlogged.  OKAY, I figure new company - growing pains.

To make a LONG story shorter - they lied to us. Nothing has shipped. Communication broke down. And a rumor got out they were bankrupt. Apparently they have not filed yet and are trying to secure another investor (which I believe is a stall tactic) nothing has been shipped nor refunded. I am out about $200+ which is peanuts compared to some. One top consultant is out $10,000.  There have been some reports of unauthorized purchases on some credit cards - I closed out my business checking account and reopened a new one just to play it safe. Didn't cost me anything but new checks and time. 

It got real catty among the consultants. We have 2 groups. One side is fed-up with the lies, lack of communication and wants answers -  Then we have the "Fluffers" who keep using terms like, "Its only a bump in the road" or "just a hiccup" - They are the ones who want to stay no matter what. They are loyal to the company and not to their customers at all. Some of them are still promoting a company that has a F-rating, have not paid their vendors and still won't communicate to us. They are actively recruiting and signing people on, believing that At Home will bounce back and since so many of us have left - they will be move up the ladder. It's always about $$$$$

I actually was banned from 2 major consultant groups on Facebook - All because I asked questions and said I didn't trust the situation. WE just were not allowed to ask - and the Executive director wouldn't respond back to us. Just a huge MESS.

I was a bit down for awhile - grieving the loss - the hopes I had with this business. So now I have ramped up my Avon and Barefoot Books. I also signed up with a affiliate program that is totally different from any other affiliate I was worked with in the past. So I thought I would give that a try.

All in all, working on my own, at home is fun and I enjoy it.   I still would rather do this, than go out into the world on cold rainy days.  These things happen.

At Home USA Inc. - Better Business Bureau complaints


  1. Our debit card company backed us up and refunded the money. Everything is cool. I'm sorry you've lost funds.


    1. That's awesome! Yeah it sucks but at least its not too much.

  2. Sorry to hear your business venture flopped but as you said not your fault, yeah doesn't surprise me that they didn't like you asking questions.

    1. questions are a no no at that company


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