Sunday, October 20, 2013

When it rains, it pours

As if we don't have any more on our plate - our daughter and son-in-law finally are without any money and no place to go. They have exhausted all leads up there in Wa. 

So, they are coming here to live - in our RV next to the house. They have to be out by the Nov 2. They do have a car - we will be getting a van to move them down - with a car hitch.

I am so overwhelmed. I guess I kinda knew this was coming eventually. They need a fresh start somewhere else and lord willing, we can get my step-daughter maybe on SSI or something - she wasn't able to get on anything up there.  She had a grand Mal seizure when she was a baby and it effected her brain stem. She has major learning difficulties, she has tremors and might even be diabetic.  She is not retarded but many people think she is, I believe, because she is slow.  They keep getting denied everything up there when they apply. They can't even get an Obama-phone. Paying $80 a month in 2 cell phones. They were denied Washington's version of Cal-Fresh - because they didn't believe they were living on $200 a month that they made from the church they go to, by cleaning and doing maintenance. So they denied them. THAT won't happen here.  We will get them plugged in.

Oh well, what is family for?  When all else has caved in - you go to family. What's 2 more???? Plus a dirty old man...although he won't be living here.

Like I said, its the logistics of it all that overwhelms me. 

My Avon is doing well. I have a new recruit - an old friend of mine who lives in Virginia, wants to sell for the Christmas Holidays. So that will be good for her and for me because I guess I am going to have to take that leadership path once again. I mean, I pretty much have to.

I am doing a craft show next Sat - and maybe another one mid-Nov.

Sometimes you can over-think something and not do the right thing. And I think the husband and I were scared to bring them down here because we are scared they won't find anything. But they are living in a dumpy old garage apartment with black mold. No one will do anything about it. My son-in-law has called the city, the county, talked to his landlord - no help. Charleen's been having breathing issues due to the mold and it will only get worse, due to the rains. Summer gave them a reprieve.

Please send up good thoughts, PRAY, mediate on good things - ANYTHING. We are going to need it. Heck I am going to need it. Thanks.


  1. Maybe you should consider changing your identity...

    1. OMG that is so funny. Thanks I needed that!

  2. You sure are going to have your plate full.


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