Wednesday, October 16, 2013

waiting lists

the one I like

Yesterday we looked at 2 places - that were senior apartments. Subsidized housing and once he is actually here, he can apply for HUD which takes off up to 60% more off his rent. We also talked to a Elder Care Specialist who told us, since he is with the VA, once here, we can apply for him to have someone come in, to do his laundry, make sure he's taking his meds, and do some lite housecleaning which would be a huge help for his tight budget.

the lobby

Both of these apartments, were in historical buildings. One built in 1901 and the other in 1920. The oldest one is currently being totally restored to its former grandeur and is quite charming in a vintage/retro way. The other one, is lovely and I would like living there!!! I like that one the best for him. He's in a good area, downtown, across from our Cinema - which is also a retro one used for special events. It's been restored and is beautiful. All ADA compliance. It would be about $395 for a one bedroom.  They have senior activities, a rec room - patio, Wii, a bus that takes them to adult-daycare - the only thing - they are not medically equipped like a retirement home would be. However they do have buttons in the rooms, that alert the on-site managers to call for medical.

So today we look at one more - and then we'll talk to him and send him the applications for his signature. Then the process and credit checks starts.  2 are downtown, near all conveniences and buses. The latter one is in a more rural area - the grounds are beautiful however once you get outside that area, it goes downhill.  The downtown areas are much better.

I don't know HOW this will all work - the logistics of it all. Like HOW will he get out here?  How will we transport his scooter? How long do we have?  How long will it take to get him there?  Where will he go, if he gets here and the apartment is not ready yet?  Who will pay for the other expenses, like furniture?

I guess first things first - just secure the apartment. 

I googled his name and he came up in several dating websites. Although I would have to sign up, to see more - which I am not going to do. It's enough I know - don't need all the nasty details.

I absolutely do not want him here as he awaits the apartment. I don't want to be alone with him. I can be cordial, nice and all - just don't want to live with him.

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  1. Yes the first thing is t secure the apartment for him before moving him


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