Monday, October 14, 2013

The "more" to this story

For some time, I would notice that on Facebook - it would show up that my father-in-law XXXX was now friends with ZZZZ.  I'd just naturally look to see if this was family - and just about every-time, it is a woman. An attractive woman. I know his past. (will explain later) So I went on his Facebook page and started snooping and noticed this post from his wife's grandson:

Hey XXXX  just so you know I have a photo of your post..... Think your so smart erasing it oh yeah also have photos of you on seeking women 85-95 years old.... Your a pile of dung but the lies stop here...... Your suppose to be a church man you could very well be the devil!! Might as well confess your sins to my grandma would be a nice start

There were some likes - by the rest of the family.  This post was done in mid Sept. That totally explains it. You see, my father-in-law is a pile of old dung. He always has been. He is a old womanizer, from way back. Oh he's smooth and charming and woos dumb women. He basically USES them and then starts looking for another woman to use. 

This started back when he was a young man - apparently him and his wife were having marital problems. I don't know for sure but I suspect it had to do with other women. So they spilt up - the wife went back to Kansas to stay with her Mom, leaving him with the 3 children. My husband at the time was like 5 years old.  He remembers his dad, moving in, his Mom's good friend to supposedly help out with the children. Only she moved in to his bedroom.  Well the Mom came back, and 9 months later, my husband's Mom found out that her friend was pregnant with her husband's baby. They had a girl - she now lives about 20 miles south of us. Has a lot of issues with her dad.  Meanwhile, the games continued to play out - Mom gets pregnant with her 4th child, in order to "keep" her husband. 9 months later they had a son - I can tell you, that he also has "issues" with his father to this day.

After his wife died of breast cancer - he fixed up his van and went traveling the US. He ended up marrying a (1) lady, about a year or so after the death of his wife. They were married 2 years - and she died. He then got into his "mystery bus" once again and the next thing my husband knew, was he was in Florida, getting married once again.(2)   This one, lived 2 years - was in a car accident and died from complications. He took off once again. He meets this woman from Ohio. (3) They marry and a week or so later, he pushed her and she kicked him out. The marriage was annulled. Not even a year later, he gets with another woman in California. They got married and she was much younger than him.(4) She was a black lady and her family did not approve...not that he was white....the daughter I believe suspected that he was a weasel. 3 months after that, Amy kicked him out because she found him online talking to women. For about a year, he laid low in Southern California taking care of his brother-in-law until he died. He then met his now present wife (5) and she was a widow and had a home in Wisconsin. They met online. They've been married for over 10 years. One time #5 called me to tell me that he is up all hours of the night, talking to women online. He was on dating sites etc. My husband had a talk with him. But we never heard any more about this - I knew it was still going on because I could look on his Facebook page and see some of the nasty pictures women send him and the stupid old man, doesn't know enough to set his privacy settings. 

I would tell my husband from time to time and he would get mad at me. His dad is his hero. He does have other better qualities and that is what my husband holds on to - but he would bury his head in the sand and get mad at me.  My husband is so blind to his father. 

So now my husband had to see it.  He is so forgiving and wanted us to move into the RV so he could give his father our master bedroom. I totally told him NO WAY - I have done nothing wrong and why should I have to live like that? I will be 60 in March. Does that not count for anything? 

I am pissed at his dad - and I am pissed at my husband who looks the other way. I get so sick at how my husband always talks about his dad as if he was some "Father Knows Best" kinda father. I know the TRUTH. 

Okay so he only has $1000 - that is it. The other siblings want nothing to do with him. I told my husband I do not want to live in the same house as a dirty-old man and womanizer. He's a nice guy and all but I just don't want to have him do something or say something in that kind of way - it would make me sicker than I already am about him. Plus he's 86+ and I'd rather remember him as a good guy instead of a sick-puppy-womanizer-creep.

So that's the story....


  1. That would make a good dramedy. My goodness, where does the man get the energy??

    1. Ha, You know it would be - least he was not looking for 20 year olds.


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