Monday, October 14, 2013

So why is this my problem?

That's right, you heard me. I know selfish huh? It would be different if he was this sweet innocent old man but it really sickens me about him. I know him - he will do this again and again until he dies. My husband has always said, that his dad "needs a woman" to survive. No, his dad wants to USE women. All these women he has been with, were financially better off than he was. They all had homes and families around them. The one in Florida was very well off. I remember my husband thinking how unfair it was, that the family made him leave the home after their mother/grandmother died. Now I wonder, if he was up to his old tricks and they knew.

I honestly don't blame #5 at all. Bless her heart she is a good woman and has been a real sweetie to us. The last 2 times they came to stay with us, I saw how he treated her. Of course she also treated him with some disrespect but I just thought it was how elderly couples get - impatient because the other can't hear good, or things like that. I told my husband, I did not like how his dad treated my mother-in-law #5-

What a jerk!  So today we went to look at places - no way can he afford a retirement community. The cheapest one was $2500 for a studio which included everything except for medical - He is in a wheel-chair because he is fat and diabetic. Each place we went to went UP in price.

So we went to Catholic Services and got a list of senior apartments. He is pretty independent and can manage his own diabetes so far. He needs to put in at least 1 full year of residency here in California before he can get on a waiting list for a California Veterans Home, like where my husband works. He also may not get the one here - he could go anywhere they have a opening in California.

It's a friggen mess. We have no extra money. The husband mentioned that if his sister should take him up in Washington, we would need to help out. We don't have extra money to help out. I'll be dang, if I will go to work and send all my money up to Wa. State for a man who is a womanizer. Not even my own dad. There are some places that are downtown - that he can afford. Yes they are a bit seedy. He could qualify for some programs like senior daycare - and he gets all his medical paid through the VA.  The cheapest place was $333 a month!!! The next step-up was around 500-600.  That doesn't give him much to play around with.

I know what he will do - he will get here and find another woman to live with.

I know I sound terrible. Oh well.


  1. But you are probably right.

    1. We'll see soon enough...

  2. Sometimes it helps to tell it like it is.


    1. I seem to be the only one, who will.

  3. At least you can come here and tell us all how you feel and know that we will not judge


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