Wednesday, October 23, 2013

It's just stuff

I like my stuff - I won't lie to you about that. I have lugged around certain items since I moved out of my parents home years ago. I've even stored my stuff - for years in a storage unit.

Last night the kids called me - discouraged.  SIL checked truck rental prices to come down here and it was around $800 with a tow-hitch and that did not include the gas. They don't have that money and neither do we. I told them, we are getting our old van fixed and driving that up to WA and they will have to just follow us back down, in their old car (1990 Geo Prism) and stuff their car with as much as they can. SIL adamentaly said,

"That won't work - we have too much stuff."

I told them, that there are times in life we have to get rid of stuff. He said he already went through all of it, and got rid of certain things and there is nothing more he can get rid of. Hmmmm, I wonder what they would be doing Nov 2,  with all that "stuff" if we were not moving them out to live with us?  Of course, I didn't think of asking them that, until I got off the phone.

So I felt a anxiety attack coming on - (the pounding heart palpitation) and just told them my husband would call them and they could all figure it out.

They called me at 8:30pm - I'm tired - spent from all the day's activities and they lay this on me. I used to have this rule, with my kids -

No heavy duty problems after 7pm.

That was to protect my sanity - due to the fact they used to wait till the night before a big class project and we'd be up till the wee hours of the morning, scrambling to get something done. Or the evenings is when they would tell me something, that would upset me.  I stand by my rule, to this day. I don't go out to the mailbox- I don't read mail. I shut down and try and relax.

Once down here - I will have to gently, go over my personal rules with them about my boundaries.

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