Monday, October 28, 2013

exciting ....I think

Yesterday I cleaned up the motor-home and it is just adorable. The only issues are because of it sitting in the 100+ degrees without the Ac on - it made the upholstered roof ceiling droop. We need to use a special glue - so have to get that done before they get up here. It has a toxic odor, I'd like to get out of there before they come. The husband is today going to see about the control panel for the furnace. Hoping that will get fixed so they won't have to heat the motor-home using electric heat. Needs a few light bulbs, and need to see if the TV and vcr/dvd player still works.  I want to add some scented potpourri's around the place to make it fragrant and homey. After living with black mold for a few years, this will literally be a breath of fresh air for them! Foodie and I also filled up some of the cabinets with some food - and stocked their freezer with some ground beef, chicken, ham...I still had that in my freezer.  Of course now our cupboards are now bare...well we have a few things to get us by for a few more days...till the 1st.

I washed all the bedding and pillows and throw pillows in the living area.  I really have good memories living in that little place. It was so easy to keep clean!

Last night, a weather front came in through the Pacific and for about an hour it was windy and the temps dropped - leavings falling all around and inside the RV I could see the shadows of the trees glistening through the shades. It was so cozy! I sure do hope they enjoy themselves in there. The HOPE is that they will make enough money to pull it into a nice RV park here. I believe that would be cheaper than a rental.  Then save some more, for a place.

I think you can probably tell I am excited. I'm surprised actually....Not excited about this trip with both of our vehicles not in good shape.  I do wish they had just come down in their car alone. But R is one of those types, that has never left his state - never traveled too far from the Puget Sound. So he panics if he leaves his comfort zone. I mean, we are gonna have to toughen this guy up - California style. He really is uptight most of the time.

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  1. Sounds like R might end up with a big dose of culture shock.
    I love seeing new places and I would love to move to experience a new place. But, my husband hates moving and change.


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