Sunday, October 27, 2013

Drive SLOW

My life for the last couple of weeks, has been on a fast track ride through challenges, road blocks, ups and downs. I'm still hanging on!

1. The heart palpitations were strong enough for me to see the Doctor. Since I have no time right now, to get my BIG physical - he concluded that it was probably my Gerd acting up due to the stress. I'm back on that medication and sure enough, it is gone. I'll get all my tests and all done closer to my 60th birthday in March.

2.  Called one of Foodie's friends over to look at "The Beast". The solenoid on the started did not work. He owns a mechanic shop here in town. He pounded on the starter and solenoid and got it working, but said he would order us a new starter and get back to us. So far he is not returning our phone calls. We are leaving to go up to Washington on Wednesday, Oct 30.

3.  With the opening of the Cal Vet Home - the husband was busy.  He also presided over a big veteran funeral that took him a few days to get ready for. (He is the VFW Chaplain) and because of that role, many funeral homes call on him, to officiate at funerals for veterans who did not have a Pastor or religious affiliation.

4.  We are running behind, getting the motor-home cleaned up and ready. The propane furnace is not working so they will have to use a space heater until we can get the money together to do that. And of course after days and weeks of beautiful 80+ degrees, it looks like this week, we will see more Fall weather - very cool nights and mornings - days around 65-70+ No Rain yet but I just have a feeling, these 2 will be bringing down with them, some rain from the Pacific Northwest!

5.  As for the dirty-old man - he is going to have to wait until we get C and R settled.  He did this to himself - being forced out because of "his ways".  It's not at all like he is this innocent person.

6.  C and R called yesterday to tell us that their "good car" broke down.  It would cost too much to fix and so they are junking it today and driving down the other car, they were going to junk.  I mean, this is almost hysterically funny. Could it get any worse?  Ah, I think it could, but I'm not going to allow myself to think about it. Coming back down, we will have to take it slow and easy with several stops.

7.  Miss Buster is fine now but Daisey Mae has this doggy-old-age-wart on her head. It's getting bigger and bigger and so just to add a bit more spice, to our life, she scratched it and it is all bloody. No cash till after the 1st, we are treating it ourselves and I am bringing her with us on the trip. My sons, will be working and I don't want her to be alone.I do plan on getting it checked out but the vet had told me once before it was not cancerous.

8.  I won't allow myself to worry or stress out. When I get to that point, I go to sleep. All of this stress sure makes me tired. So if taking a hour nap, takes the edge off for me - I'm doing it. I do get up early around 5:30 and usually go to bed around 11pm. So a 1-hour nap is good.

9. and of course, how am I paying for all of this? Don't ask!  I am sick about that. Years of being debt free - I can't worry about that now -

So I'm okay. I just want to get them down here. The weather up there is cold and wet. I am not looking forward to that extreme cold, damp weather of the Pacific Northwest. Yeah it's green and beautiful but what a depressing place to live, for someone like me who is prone to depression. NO wonder they have been in a funk.

photo credit: Alaskan Dude via photopin cc


  1. I was looking through my comments, and I've known you for a year and a half! You were my first serious blog buddy, haha. I hope that you end up enjoying the company of your DIL.

    Growing up, our dogs always had growths. They just get them, I guess.

    Deep breaths....

    1. Has it been that long? Yeah you were my first blog buddy too. Thanks for always being a blog.

  2. Hell that looks like a butterfly road, you know what I mean the type of road that gives you butterflies in the tummy if you go down it just right.............good thing they didn't junk the other car or they would be up the creek without a car.............

    1. Oh yeah I know what you mean! This is an Alaskan Highway.

      I just want this to be OVER.


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