Sunday, October 06, 2013

ANNOUNCMENT - The next generation

I'm in love

Lately it has been one thing after another. I haven't had a nice boring week for some time. Last week it started Tuesday when my niece who wasn't due to have Baby Abdishakar until Nov 5 decided he wanted OUT!  Her water broke in the afternoon - they went to the hospital where they induced her. It then took about 12 hours before she delivered him - weighing in at 4 lbs and 18 inches long.

He is a cutie. He has to stay in EICU for at least a week -

I'm in love.  I can't keep my eyes off him. No he's not my grandchild, but he is my sister's grandchild, my great-nephew and she said, "We can share."

What a nice sister I have!


  1. No one ever shares a baby with me. I am so jealous.


    1. I am the same way Janie - I was even trying to respect her as the Grand Ma and not see him in person until she gets out here - but she was really giving - (not at all like me if I was the Grandma.) So I am surprised. But give it time...I am a 2 hour drive from him and my sister is in Colorado. She might start to resent me. I don't know. Could it be, she is a better person than me????? :-)

  2. He's beautiful. Love the eyes.

    1. I know he is so little and now his eyes are more open than they were. I haven't seen him yet, without a head wrap.


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