Monday, September 09, 2013

WHAT a week

This is Sept right?  Wow, it is going by fast. 

*First off - the tax situation is all better now - when we both sat down and actually took the letter out of the envelope, and really READ it, it was a receipt for 2011 - saying this is what we paid to them. (the installments)  We are wondering why, it took them so long to send that to us - but we read it, and re-read it and that is all it was.  Felt like an elephant had been lifted off both our shoulders.

*The husband had a bunch of Honor Guard activities (funerals) to attend to last week and we are down to the one-car. So I didn't get to Curves, except for 2 days.

*I had to sort out all the little presents for my niece - and get it wrapped. I don't like to wrap gifts anymore. I usually just throw it in a bag and puff up some tissue and call it wrapped. But I had this big box, and it wasn't going to fit in a bag - so I took my time, and wrapped it beautifully.  When she opened it, she even asked me, if I did it or had someone else. WOW, see what I can do, if I take my time?

I have to admit, since finding out about Nissa's pregnancy, I have been going hog-wild on spending. I would buy a little bit a month - OKAY - maybe more than just a little bit.  I had one big box of assorted baby items and a BIG bag of more, assorted items and baby toys. I wrapped some items in Dollar tree receiving blankets and tied them with pretty ribbons.

Sat. morning I drove down to Rancho Cordova, east of Sacramento, toward Lake Tahoe. It was hot. They held it at a really pretty park on the banks of the American River.  It was still hot. We had it underneath this huge oak tree that kept us shaded for the most part.OMG my niece just looked adorable of course what young pregnant women don't? She is so pretty. I met the baby-daddy.  He is from Somalia.  He was very nice - and polite and came out to hug me.

I think the most disturbing thing of the day, was seeing my baby sister - I couldn't believe my eyes and I hope I didn't react, in a way that she noticed.  She has gained a lot of weight - and I believe she has Cushings Disease or Pseudo-Cushings. She has that moon-face. I know she drinks a lot - I've always suspected alcoholism. She has told me she has high blood pressure and a under-active thyroid. But it was her face - It was so puffy and her eyes. 

I came home and researched and from all the symptoms she has told me she has, it really sounds like Cushings Disease.  I really am concerned about her health. Plus while there, she kept going back to the car, and mixing up a vodka drink - several times.She was fairly looped by the end of the shower.

Driving back up home, my sciatic was bothering me big time - I would get these shooting pains in my butt while driving. Ouch ouch ouch.... Soon as I got home, I got out the ice pack, and sat on it. I'm much better now.

*Yesterday was our Lady's Axillary meeting with the State - we had a potluck. Next week we get established as a VFW Axillary and get instituted and installed as officers. We have to have 10 ladies present. And we have to have officers. Unless there is a miracle, looks like I will be the Junior Vice President.

Today is supposed to hit 103 - I'm sick of it. Even though it is still hot, I can sense Fall all around me.  I feel it. It's coming....


  1. Wrapping baby gifts in receiving blankets is brilliant. I'm so sorry about your sister. It sounds as if it's one of those situations one can't do much about. Look: I just ended a sentence with a preposition. Now I have to punish myself.


  2. I went to the Dollar Store, saw pens, and thought of you. Somalia...I don't think you've mentioned that. Now I'll look up Cushings. JVP!?!?

  3. Well as you know I am down under and we are only in spring and having 30°C temps and that is just bloody crazy........... I have heard of Cushings Disease but don't know anything about it. I think it is sad when a love one drinks like that but you can't tell them.


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