Monday, September 16, 2013

What a week - again!

Hey all -

  • From what the news is, already this morning, it looks like another interesting week. (Washington Navy Yard) Prayers to all.
  • Last week was unreal - We had a major fire that broke out on Tuesday, just 19 miles from us. Burned over 8000 acres! It was very close to the Veterans Cemetery.  

My parents graves are to the left of this photo

  • Those Colorado floods had me worried when my sister wouldn't return my phone calls. She finally checked in with me Friday.  She's fine but surrounded - and her nephew is stuck in Boulder - bottom floor of apartment is flooded - no power.  
  • Saturday our VFW Ladies Auxiliary was instituted and officers installed. It was a close call - we were to have 10 new members present and 5 minutes before we were to start, we only had 7. And here the state officers were there, to do this. It worked out but boy, it was tense for awhile. We were afraid, all that hard work, would be lost.  So I am the new Junior Vice. None of us know what we are doing so, we will do the minimum until we get a better footing of what the heck we are supposed to be doing!  I love their Motto:  Unwavering Support for Uncommon Heroes.
  • Yesterday, once the fire officials re-opened the roads, I went up to the cemetery to check - and the cemetery was saved - by using it as a staging place for the fire crews. It was sad to see the destruction all around it, as I drove up.  Vultures circling - in various places due to all the animals that were killed by the fire.  I believe there were 80 homes destroyed and 100+ outbuildings.  1 man was consumed by the fire, trying to save his home. 

Those hills in the background, used to be a mixed forest of pines and Oak trees. 


  1. All that destruction from the fire is sad.


  2. I'm confused. Do you have one sister, or two? I thought one lived in your state.

    1. No 1 sister but her daughter, my niece lives in near Sacramento. That's probably what you are thinking of.

  3. I have head about the Colorado flooding on the news and was worried that I might know someone in the area but so far so good, no one I know seems to be affected. I am pleased your sister is ok, but that sucks about her nephew......but at least he is alive.

  4. That fire was pretty scary. It moved so fast.

  5. All the fires are so devastating and sad. Pray for all you have lost loved ones and possessions. So sad.


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