Friday, September 27, 2013

struggles and surprises = blessings

Humbling experience

I don't think I told you but my family qualifies to get food from a food bank!  My goodness I thought those days were over - back when I had little babies and my first husband was out of work. We made do and finally that is what got me into childcare and sparked my love and passion for little children - not just my own - which set me on a path, of 27 years of loving other people's children. Funny how things like that happen.

But back to the food bank - I guess they raised the family minimum - and we have 4 adults in the home. Frankly I think it is pretty doggone sad, when you work for the State of California yet you qualify at a food bank and the USDA commodities.  TALK about depressing????

Getting a monthly paycheck is not good. I have always been good about paying the bills and all. There have been times in my depression where I might forget. But they always get paid. When I sit down and list the bills and the money, it looks good - like it will stretch. But I guess because we no longer have that "gravy" just one major thing, like having to buy a new tire messes with the budget. So last week we both caved and stood in line at the food bank. Actually I met a lot of really nice people - many like us. But one gal in front of us, told me she lived in a tent in one of the open-space areas. She looked weathered but had such beautiful eyes and smile. She told me how she breeds Boxers - and that one mutt dog in their camp, got to her dog. She was upset because it was the last time, she planned on breeding her dog and now, the pups were not going to bring her that much needed income. Wow.  She said 2 years ago, she had a home - a job. a car.  Lost everything.  We didn't go into how she lost it - if it was her fault or whatever but she didn't seem like a druggie or even an alcoholic for that matter. Just down on her luck.

We were able to get some extra food that lasted a week for us. I made my sons pay for their own meals -  if they didn't like what I was making.

I had a car payment and the RV payment I could not make this month. So yesterday, the Husband surprises me and tells me he rolled the dice at the VFW and won $200.  So last night he took me out to dinner and we went to the cheap seats - $1 a movie if you go before 6pm. We saw Now you See Me. We now have some money to pay the last 2 bills for the month. But food is tight again. (What a month)

So this morning, I went over to the USDA commodities. The Husband was doing a funeral for a veteran at the VFW.  I took my dog with me - she sat in the car as I got into the LONG LINE.  I spent an hour, chatting with this nice man from Puerto Rico. He was about 65+ and I think the man was flirting with me! He asked me if I had "someone".  I said I did and then he asked me if "he treated me good." I told him, that he did. He was lonely, bless his heart.  He was very wise and told me "family" is everything.

So I received a big turkey! And some lady in a wheel chair, yelled at me because she thought I was trying to take "cuts" in the produce line. I was just trying to find out where to put the cart - and what did I do next but she was really bugged at me. So a little bit later, I was getting some plums out of a big container and all of a sudden, the older gal in the wheelchair, put it in gear and tried to run me over. She then apologized but some of her rough-looking friends were giggling and laughing so I don't believe it was an accident. Boy some rough people there -

I now have a nice bruise on my thigh but at least we will have a yummy turkey on Sunday. It is defrosting right now.

So while there have been some struggles this month - we had a surprise which then turned into blessings.

I sure hope nothing breaks down for October - and it felt good to unload all of this. Thank You.


  1. God bless you. I've been there. It's tight at times now.


  2. First paragraph - you remind me of Aibileen from "The Help."

    Sixth paragraph - did you get his number? You never know. Ha.

    Glad you are back.


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