Monday, September 30, 2013

BAD Monday

Not for me, yet - but Foodie overslept and was late for work. This guy is NEVER late for work. So he's going to have one of the worst Mondays, a person can have.  A BAD MONDAY. 

Usually what happens after you get up late - you get ready and then once on the way, you'll realize you forgot something - like your belt, your wallet, your ID badge - 

Then you have to walk in - and either snubbed or chewed out by your co-workers. I'm not even going to mention about the boss. No doubt you will be WARNED.  Either "written up" or a "verbal".

Then the whole day, you feel like you are late - running around to try and catch up. Bottom-line, this Monday is a waste. In some jobs, you are probably better to just call in sick. Some though, like Foodie's job - you can't. Someone has to be there to prep the breakfast course at the Care facility.

Poor guy - I just hope he remembered to brush his teeth.

Bad Mondays, will result in a MAJOR BAD MOOD all day but you try and suck it up, and you will try to appear happy. However, You are not happy.  You are stuck in a BAD MONDAY MOOD.  Instead you will bring that BAD MONDAY MOOD home when you get off work.

It usually helps, to buy a 6-pack of beer after a BAD MONDAY and some fast food. Finish it all off with a bag of chips ahoy cookies - then go to bed.

It will be a LONG DAY for Foodie. I feel for him. 

photo credit: Photo Extremist via photopin cc


  1. Poor Foodie. Maybe he'll share some beer and cookies with Mom.

  2. Foodie will be okay. It's one Monday of many.


  3. I hate feeling like I am always running late during the day, so I reckon Foodie was glad when the day was over and done with


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