Thursday, August 08, 2013

Stay-cation for me

Oh wow I am in my glory - my sons went camping and the Husband went off by himself to camp as well.  Everyone is calling it their de-stressing weekend. It's that for me too.  By having them all gone and having the house all to myself (except for the dog and cat) I can relax and enjoy my home.

I thought it would never materialize - Navy is driving our old dodge van we lovingly call, The Beast. His Virginia car does not pass California's smog emissions. So it sits in our driveway. Right now he does not have the money to get it up to code which could be very expensive.  So at the last minute, he tells me he cancelled his car insurance to save money.  I can't let him drive the Beast, without some coverage so I hurriedly added him to our insurance. He will pay me.  So got that taken care of.

Then Foodie wanted to save money and pre-cooked a beautiful spaghetti meal for him and Navy which he left on the kitchen counter in a food bag.  I stuck it in the freezer - I feel bad for them.  It sucks when you forget something important like FOOD. 

 I didn't want to be without a car for the next 2 days and since the Husband wasn't going far - I drove him to his camping destination this morning. Now he forgot his coffee cup!  Too funny.  But he's a trooper - he said he will clean out a can, and use that.  Yuck. Not me. That would do it for me - time to go back and get a coffee cup.  I noticed there was a couple right next to him that practically looked like they were living there. I told them to go over and maybe they have a Styrofoam cup he could use for his coffee.

The house is quiet - the dog sits at the door though - waiting for everyone.

I don't know what I am going to do - I could

  • clean the bedroom
  • clean the garage
  • clean the house
  • deep clean the kitchen that seems to be open 24 hours a day
  • go through my closet
  • do some sewing
  • paint something
  • look through old photographs
  • go shopping
  • talk on the phone
  • go out to eat

I can do whatever I want or do nothing at all and not be judged.  It's my stay-cation-weekend. It started today around 1pm and will end around noon on Sat.


  1. Nooooo...lounge about and watch westerns!!!

    1. lol I did watch some old Gunsmoke. You know me well.

  2. Happy Stay-cation! We all need some quiet time once in a while, don't we?

  3. Enjoy your time without them around they will be back before you know it......

  4. Sure hope you chose the "do nothing" choice or at least not a work choice.
    Enjoy your time to yourself.

  5. I love love love a quiet house all to myself! Especially now...Lucky you getting a whole weekend.
    As you know I have a whole house full!Everyone was out one day and I had the whole house to myself for about four hours and just like you I was thinking I could do x,y,z or just do nothing. Nothing won hands down :) Then there was a knock a the door, my neighbor showed up right smack right in the middle of my nothing with a box of hair dye and asked me to color her hair, ugh!!

    1. I hate drop in's by the neighbors! I wouldn't of answered the door! :-)


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