Sunday, August 04, 2013

So it's Sunday...

The husband is sleeping - one son is at work - the other is out back.  The dog is napping on the floor - the cat is napping on some one's bed.

I want to take a nap too. It's 2:00pm. I really should dash off to the store to get some milk - we're all out. Yeah I'll have to do that before I can take a honest nap - or else I will lay there, wide awake, thinking about getting milk.

I think I am bored today.  I started off great - I even went for a jog/walk.  Did a load of wash and hung it on the line.  I want to do more, but the house is quiet.

Tensions around here, have not been as high as they were - so somebody must be praying for us.

I have to pay bills. 

I have to grocery shop but I will do that tomorrow. I'll just go and get some milk. We are out of everything. I didn't want to go last week because that is when EVERYBODY goes. and they bring Granny and all the little kiddos -

I really did not even have to post all of this - but I did it for me - to help sort out what I do have to do - because the "lazy" is trying to take me down.


  1. I am someone who can't nap if there is something to be done such as going to the shops for whatever or I will lay there thinking about what needs to be done

  2. not me - Naps are my hobby and I am quite good at them. :-)

  3. Sometimes it’s nice just to post to sort stuff out, to do it just for you. Naps are nice but when I know I have to do something like grocery shopping, I’d lay there awake too until I got it done. Hope you got a nice nap after shopping!


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