Sunday, August 04, 2013

Hail to the cannons

We're having very nice weather - gets down to the low 60's at night and the 90's during the day. I'm loving it - I can sleep with my bedroom window open and hear the crickets. This morning I heard a flock of geese fly over - about 30 of them. Makes me think Fall is in the air.  Of course I know that is not true - It's August 4. Unless - we are going to have a early Autumn? 

The coolness of the weather motivates me -

I have been bugging the Husband for a couple of years to make me a clothes line. He finally did - and this morning I hung a load out. It dried fast.  The trick is to not them them hang in the sun or they get stiff. I figure if they get too stiff, I can always toss them in the dryer for 5 minutes. That's a lot better than being in the dryer for 50!

I also love the way, clothes look hanging on a line. Even the air around where the clothes are hanging smells so fresh - takes me back to when I was a kid. I remember my sister and I playing around the wet laundry, drying on the line.  I'll dry my towels in the dryer.

My sister lives in Brighton, Colorado and yesterday I was so concerned for her - they were having tornadoes - we talked twice and then their cable went out. It started to thunderstorm and hail real hard. She lives in the town that uses those hail cannons which I have never heard of. I looked it up because I honestly thought she was pulling my leg - In my search I checked if California's Ag community uses them and YES some are starting to. That's wild -  I am such a urbanite.

So I learned something. Learning is a good thing! 

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  1. Every time I think about a clothes line, I wonder about bird poop.


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