Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Good to be home

the new Steve Jobs?

Sunday I left to go down to the Silicon Valley to spend a couple of days with the Swedish family I used to Nanny for.  The boy/girl twins are now in their 10th grade in HS and the youngest girl is in the 7th grade. This family loves me!!!  They think of me as their "American grandma" to their kids and the kids call me their "Gra-Nanny." And to be honest with you, I can't think of them in any other way, than as my Grand-kids. But I always feel I need to explain...

It was a rush rush trip since the twins started back to school yesterday and the 11 yr old starts tomorrow. We had a great time.

Active family that are also vegans. For 2 days I was a Vegan (hey that sounds like it could be a book) and I felt great.  I felt clean.  They put out quite a Vegan feast for me for the 2 dinners I was there. I enjoyed everything.  They had me watch a documentary, Forks over Knives and I have to admit, I agreed with much of it.  The PROBLEM is I do like meat. Yes I do wrestle with the way we treat our animals but I have always turned a deaf ear to it. I don't know....

I was able to hear all the buzz of what's happening in the Valley that is harder for me to hear being so far away now  - From Marisa Meyers, the new Silicon Valley Darling to what's coming next from Yahoo. I have to say, there are some who are enthralled with Hollywood and need to know all that is going on - I am that way with the Silicon Valley.  I love technology and I have always enjoyed the energy.  There really needs to be a TV series about the comings and goings and drama of Silicon Valley families because it really is a world within itself.  The way people live there - the extreme wealth. I enjoy the ingenuity that comes out of there - it stops there.  I detest the way many of them are - pretentious snobs.

So I am feeling great - I feel healthy and it was just great to get away from here.  And I was pleased that they all got along - and they didn't kill each other.  I'm probably going back down in Nov. Mom and Dad will be celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary and want to go away for the weekend.

Marissa Meyer - the hottest story in Tech


  1. My doctor keeps telling me to see that Forks Over Knives documentary. She's a vegetarian. Glad you had fun.

  2. It's interesting that you find that area so fascinating. The Noyce Science Center opened at Grinnell College in Iowa when The Hurricane was a student there. I didn't realize until then that Noyce was an alumnus of Grinnell.


  3. It's great that you had a nice visit with the family, and that you are still so close to them even though you are no longer the nanny....


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