Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Sunday that seems like a Monday

I keep thinking it's Monday.  I hate that.  That means all week I will have to stop and think,

" is it this day? "
 "or that day? " 

Not a good way to start a new week!

Maybe it's the heat - it's supposed to be 108 today.  I think my AC ducts need to get vacuumed out. I smell dust, when it kicks on in the living room. Nowhere else in the house and of course I am the only one who smells it.

I have to say, the men in my life have been behaving themselves.

Friday, the Husband and I went to see the movie, JOBS.  I enjoyed it. Steve Jobs was someone I always admired. The community back then, watched and read about him before anyone else even knew who he was. Steve Jobs to the Silicon Valley area is like Bill Gates to the Seattle area. The movie isn't academy award winning material and there was so much of the story, they left out - however, I totally got a kick out of it. The movie inspired me.  I think it is a good movie for young entrepreneurs to watch. Like him or not, he was a genius in many ways.

I'm taking a few days off from the blog - I'll probably check back in on Wednesday. No biggie!


  1. How was Ashton K.?

  2. I also hate it when the day feels like another day and I get all out of wack because of it

  3. I'll try to remember to add Jobs to the saved section in my Netflix queue. He was certainly an interesting man. I wish I could say that I'm a visionary. I've pretty much given up on trying to remember what day of the week it is. The days run from one into the next into the next.



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