Tuesday, July 09, 2013

the sounds of Quiet

I feel a cool breeze coming through my open bedroom window. It's quiet. Occasionally I hear a dog bark in the distance -

I can hear a jackhammer now - street maintenance on the country road which leads into my neighborhood. It comes and goes. The construction sounds remind me when I was a kid living in San Francisco - the sounds of a city are so different in the morning, than here, in semi-rural-America. Back then, I would hear the hustle and bustle - buses screeching to a stop,  the clang of the streetcar.  Then around 10am, it would be quiet (for a city) I also remember the aroma of roofing-tar - that to this day, when I smell it, it takes me back to summer in San Francisco - a pleasant memory. Sometimes at night, I can hear coyotes - you NEVER hear that in the city!

When I was a kid, living on the coast - I could hear fog-horns.  The only fog horns I hear anymore are when I am watching a Giants baseball game when there is a home-run! 

I guess I am into "sounds" and "smells".   I  appreciate QUIET.  Because all too soon, the day will  fully awaken to the sounds of everyday life.


  1. I always said, as much as I adore the beach during the summer, there is something about a quiet, foggy winter morning at the beach where you can see nothing and ONLY hear the sea gulls and the fog horn. NIRVANA. :)

  2. I like the sound of silence.



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