Sunday, July 14, 2013

strong coffee, the pioneer spirit and cable-tv

Sitting here - dog on bed WAITING for my coffee.  It takes so darn long.  Sometimes I will go and sneak a cup while it is dripping - I find its not as hot as I like and it can be just a tad stronger than I usually like (and I like strong coffee) This morning I choose to wait - 

Sounds like it is READY...

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, coffee! Hot, strong coffee. I drink mine black. 

I think a few days ago, I must have burnt the roof of my mouth because it stings, when the hot coffee hits it. I hate that. I have to be careful and not let the hot black liquid, linger too long on my pallet.


It's a quiet Sunday morning - the Husband is back to work after a nice weekend that we shared together.  We both are under some stress - much of it having to do with having the 2 sons live with us. We just miss our alone time and a more simple life and at times, it seems they will never GO.

Plus Foodie gave me some attitude the other day and it pissed me off.  There was no reason for it. Just because he has bills and not enough money - H E L L O - that's life!  I even suggested that they go to North Dakota or wherever it is, where the jobs are - Yeah right.  It was a different generation, that would go and take risks like that. My mom used to tell me I had "Pioneer stock" in me.  Perhaps just a little but that spirit is either gone for good or buried deep, in my sons.

Next month I am cancelling cable TV.  I pay $174 a month for JUNK. I admit, I will miss some programming but I never watched TV much until I married the Husband.  Every time he sits down, he turns it on. DRIVES ME BATTY.  So it will be interesting how this will effect Navy, who is also known as "Arm-chair-Quarterback"

He is addicted.  Maybe this will cut into some of his free time to get out and get a better job or a second job. 

To say the least, it will be interesting.

photo credit: Jennie Faber via photopin cc

photo credit: my name is julie via photopin cc


  1. We don't have cable, I can usually find my favorite shows on the internet for free. Maybe you can too!

    1. thats one reason I am fine about cutting it loose.


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