Tuesday, July 02, 2013

southern accents and southern cookin

Good Morning Y'all

Today I wanted to make my STATEMENT about Paula Deen.

Honestly, I never watched her - never read her books.  She never appealed to me.  It was nothing personal.  She just didn't connect with me, probably because I am not from the south - even though my Dad was from Tennessee.  I did try one of her pinto bean recipes - and I did not like it at all - plus how many, "Y'all's" can one sit through?   I mean, there are people who REALLY talk like her!  I did see her on one of the Food Network Star challenge a couple of years ago - she came to do something and she seemed nice - but it's the way she talks - I'm not used to it.

As for what is going on - I kinda feel bad for her - I hate to see anyone subjected to public shame but I believe the powers that be...whoever or whatever they are (media, haters, food-police, etc) were looking to get at her after her diabetes issue.  I remember thinking back then, it was so uncool for her to just try and sweep that under the rug. 

Of course I do not know her as her fans do - I am sure with her money and all, she will bounce back.

AS for the racial slurs and undertones,  It seems it is born and bred in many down there - in her age group and something they have to actively rid themselves from. (if they really want to) Just like the accents - have you ever noticed, that many of the younger people down south actually do not have a accent?  Or very slight?  They must work on that!   I have a brother who lives in Alabama.  He was raised in the south by a different mother.  (long story) Anyway when I went back there to meet him for the first time, I was taken back at how different that culture is from where I came from. Nice, warm people for sure - I talked with my niece's husband who proudly shared some civil war family history with me.  And yeah, they were confederates! Wow. It was interesting. They even have these old tin-photos of his family members in their uniform - on their mantel.

 All my family and ancestors were union!  Even my Dad's family in Eastern Tennessee - in fact the county my Dad was born and raised in, succeeded from both the state of Tennessee and the Confederacy and became the Free State of Scott"

Now it's funny, my nieces all talk real southern and fast - I could hardly understand them - they must think I am deaf!!! I kept asking them to repeat themselves.  But the younger males in the family just have a slight southern drawl which is nice.

AS for the food, I like the way my grandma cooked - when we would go back to visit.  Fried okra, cornbread and beans.  When I was in Alabama they took me to this place called Cracker Barrel. This place is very popular in the south.  You would think, they'all would of had their fill of all of that southern cookin - I guess not.  We do not have Cracker Barrel in my part of California.  I asked them about it and they said it was costly to work in California - due to unions and cost of real estate.

I know they all sure love their bacon down there.




  1. I've never spent very much time in the South, I remember passing through Chattanooga when I was a kid and stopping at a McDonald's. It was the first time I had ever heard a Southern accent and I could not understand a word!

    I would like to check out Nashville one of these days.

    1. I haven't been to Nashville since 1971.

  2. I wouldn't feel too sorry for PD. Isn't her cookbook number one on Amazon?

    We have Cracker Barrel here.

    1. Really? Yeah she'll bounce back - probably have her own network - The Y'all Network.

  3. Ok the bacon looks nice, and I have never heard of Paula Deen until recently by seeing her mentioned in so my blogs I had to Goggle her to find out who she was...........lastly I have a bloody headache on the right side of my head only......going down into the right side of my face

  4. We had Cracker Barrel in Illinois, and of course, we have lots of them here in Florida. I don't know much about Paula Deen. I think anyone with a brother named Bubba is probably going to get into trouble. Many Floridians have a hick accent (not exactly southern, more hillbilly) that I have difficulty understanding, especially on the telephone.



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