Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Ooh ahhh and wow


Good Morning!  Another HOT day in paradise.  It's already HOT out there and muggy. We're supposed to cool down 110.  It's a start in the right direction. This place is reminding me when I was a kid and we'd come up here to camp - I swore I would never live in this "godforsaken place."  Hmmmm, that's why you should never swear!

It isn't THAT bad.

Well, yes it is but I am trying to play a game with my mind. I mean, WHAT can I do about it?  I am thankful, we do not have the fires and smoke of last summer. 

So what is everyone doing tomorrow for the 4th of July?  Me?  I plan to stay in my cool home and watch fireworks on TV.  Okay, let me say this about firework displays.  

  • When you've seen ONE - you've seen them all
  • Everyone says the same thing - They "ooh" - they "ahhh".  You might hear a "WOW".
  • There is always a finale. 
  • And people walk away saying, "this year was best ever"
  • or they walk away saying, "it wasn't as good as last year. Must be the sequester."
  • There are always some that fizzle out and I always call them duds.  

    I guess it is just the whole "experience." that aroma of sulfur, the pops and cracklings of the explosive fireworks display.  The same every year! 

    One year when I was still living in San Mateo, Navy and I went across from where we live to get closer to the fireworks, which were at the Bay Meadows Race Track.  We ended up right underneath where they were landing.  We were the only fools there and had to dodge and find safe cover.  NOW that was an experience we still ooh and ahh about.

    Then there was the year, we just about froze to death.  We could sit out on our front lawn and watch them (I like that way the best) This particular year we had just had a heat wave and the infamous San Francisco fog had rolled in, and it was cold and blustery.  I sat out in a lawn chair, wrapped in a comforter.  

    I remember once as a little girl, sitting on my dad's shoulders.  Now THAT was awesome. I wonder why he stopped?

     And another time, The Husband and I went out on San Francisco Bay in a Sea Scout boat, that just happened to be the same boat the Husband worked on while in the Navy.  They had bought the old Navy boat - a torpedo weapons retriever. The Husband was a plank owner, so they invited us to watch fireworks out on the bay. We watched off the coast of Sausalito, Oakland, Marina Green in San Francisco, and various other hot spots throughout the bay. I was cold and a little sea sick.

    And who could forget the year, we walked to the fireworks, with 3 little boys - 2 in a stroller and one on their daddy's shoulders.  Crowds and crowds of rowdy teens, throwing fireworks into the crowd. I vowed, NEVER AGAIN.

    The following year, sitting in bumper to bumper traffic trying to LEAVE the event.  I vowed, NEVER AGAIN, again.

    I think we can see them, from our house here - I don't know.  We've been here 5 years and every year I have taken a pass.  I hear them and that's good enough for me.

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    photo credit: J&J Buzzard via photopin cc
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    1. I used to live in Hudson, Ohio, home of the American Fireworks. The bicentennial fireworks were awesome.

      Now I don't like the crowds.

      1. I bet! They can be dangerous though -

    2. Hearing the firecrackers in my neighborhood is so annoying. It upsets the dogs. I never go to see fireworks.


      1. Hey Janie - this year we didn't have the annoying firecrackers going off, days before. I think it was a first!

    3. I am with you. We usually don't do much on the 4th. Hubby will grill, I will get the rest of the meal and then a Netflex movie. Nice and quiet time. That's the way we like it.

    4. I like fireworks.............and yeah get the woo and ahhh factor I miss seeing fireworks and wish we could still have them here and by here I mean in my back yard.......but hell I would settle for having them down at the lake as I can see them from my back yard when they are set off at the lake


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