Monday, July 08, 2013

memories on fire

When the Husband and I first were married,  we lived in our RV for 2 years to downsize and pay off bills - The one-butt kitchen was starting to get to me, plus my son had just died and I was a mess.  So we decided to get an apartment.  I hadn't lived in an apartment since I was young and without children and had lived in single family homes since.  I don't know,  the thought of living in a one-bedroom apartment sounded different and fun.  So I found a one-bedroom - in a busy area of Redwood City.  It had a pool and a very large balcony and a new laundry room which I really liked. We were on the 2nd floor and looked out to a neighboring street of pretty little homes and manicured lawns.  It was urban-life at it's best with everything within walking distance, city buses that stopped at our corner - the YMCA within walking distance,  Petco across the street,  2 gas stations, a donut place and a Dairy Queen across the street.  Just up the street was also a McDonald's, a Starbucks, a Safeway and a major hospital.  HOWEVER,  in that type of area, we also had the urban problems - such as gangs, homeless, druggies, break-in's, arson and auto theft.  It was a area that was in transition. The sounds of sirens were an every night occurrence that we did get used to.

I was fine when I was in my apartment - it was cozy and homey and I really enjoyed it. But our neighbors were terrible. The gal directly on top of us, was a tweaker - she would sleep all day and move furniture all night. We had neighbors down the hall, that must of had 20 people living in a one-bedroom.  Then we had neighbors who were too lazy to use the garbage chute - and just pile their garbage in the hallway, dirty, poopy diapers!  I caught one old lady, picking up her dog's poop off the carpet in the hallway!  Our car had been broken into twice - and once my laundry was stolen from the newly remodeled laundry room. My downstairs neighbor left the house, with a cigarette burning and I saw smoke bellowing out from her balcony and sure enough, her sofa was on fire. That freaked me out. I started obsessing about fire and what if we're gone and a fire starts and my 2 cats and 1 dog are home.  So after 2 years, we decided we would go back to our RV and we lived another 2 years, until we moved up here and bought my sister's half of the house.

pool and street side

So I found out this weekend, that early Sunday morning,  at 2am the apartment building caught on fire and the roof caved in - displaced 70+ tenants and 1 person is missing.  It was a 6 alarm fire - they had 12 firetrucks and over 100 firefighters fighting it. About 20 some injured, mostly minor. The people on the 3rd floor had to be rescued off their balcony.

pool area where the flags are

I feel so bad -  I know the types of people that live there and this will devastate them. I am sure only a very small minority even had renters and fire insurance.  Many on fixed incomes, disabled and seniors.

The strip mall next door

I am most curious as to what started the fire -
  • a burning cigarette
  • something left on the electric stove (I hate electric stoves)
  • a meth-lab
  • faulty wiring as it was a old building


  1. When I was a reporter most of the fires we had to write about were started by candles.


    1. That didn't cross my mind! You are right - it could of been a candle.

      Speaking of candles my OCD - My rule is I never give candles to anyone because I would hate to have it start a fire and think it was one of the candles I gave to someone. So I don't give candles as gifts. Now I don't feel that way, when it comes to receiving candles - hmmmm does that mean something deeper about how I feel about myself? :-)

    2. Just don't set your house on fire with a candle. I like candles and I've never started a fire with one.


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