Thursday, July 04, 2013

Happy Independence Day

I've always liked the 4th of July - for a good 20 years or so, my family would go spend the day at my best friend, Suzie and her family.  We'd start the day early at the parade in downtown Redwood City.  It used to be the biggest parade in northern California. When the Husband and I lived in our RV,  in RWC, we were right next to the bay, and we could sit inside the motor-home, kick back and watch the fireworks with a glass of wine. When I was a kid,  we spent a few times down at Disneyland and that was always fun! One time, we went to Tahoe and the fireworks over the Lake is something to see. We've camped a few times - totally missing the fireworks and parades. I spent one 4th of July in Rome City,  Indiana at a family reunion.  I think that one, was the most "Americana" one I have ever experienced.

ON MY BUCKET LIST - is to spend a week during the 4th of July in Washington DC. 


I am pet sitting an elderly black lab and a Jack Russell terrier. So the owners want me to check on them, 3 times a day.  Morning, noon and evening around 9pm.  They pay well so I don't mind. My first check in, will be sometime this afternoon since they this morning.  Then the evening one, the Husband can come with me, and we'll go park somewhere and watch the fireworks at 10pm.

In between, Foodie will grill some burgers (Danny-burgers)  I made some potato salad and we have watermelon and cantaloupe. GMO-corn on the cob -  I will make 12 cupcakes - I have some strawberries too.

A drive to the lake might be nice - Daisey needs a bath so a swim and then a flea bath when she gets home might be in order. 


It cooled off yesterday to a muggy 110.  Thunderstorms in the mountains with golf-size hail and some flash-flooding.  Wow. It just got dark and gray here but no rain.  A flash if lightening here and there -  I hope no fires were started in the forests.

Supposed to be 110 again today.  Come on now...who really wants to be out in that HOT and muggy weather?  Not me but it gets so boring been couped up inside the house.  Yeah it's nice and cool but I miss being outside - Yesterday I drove by a house that had smoke coming out of their HVAC unit on their home.  Uh oh, I feel for them. Actually, the Husband just suggested that it might have been a swamp-cooler.  STILL, I never seen that, and it didn't look good.

So Happy Happy Independence Day - Lets hear it for the RED, white and Blue!


  1. You and Suzie were friends for twenty years?? I had no idea. Sorry, but that's what stood out to me in this post. We are laying low for the 4th. I walked around the neighborhood and didn't see a lot of flags. I bought fancy beer.

  2. Happy Independence Day. I have never been to a parade on July 4th before. We had a party on the 3rd and the 4th was spent just relaxing.


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