Tuesday, July 09, 2013

even overly-responsible people make mistakes

I am sick - today I went to take the house and mail box key off my key chain to give back to the owners of the dogs only to find it is not there - I KNEW IT!  They gave it to me on one of those cheapo wire key rings and as I was putting them on my car key ring,  I thought that I might lose it - but did not trust my initial thought and just didn't give it another thought.

The last time I had it, was when I locked their door from the outside on Sunday morning. So NO I did not leave it there and just forget.  One time I truly wish I had forgot. No it's lost.  We checked my purse, the car - I placed a Craigslist ad in lost and found.

So tomorrow I will let them know - cut them a check for key replacements.  One of them is a cluster box key. Not owned by the USPS.  I know we have just one mail box key and we live fine although it would be a inconvenience if we lost it. But it wouldn't be the end of the world - no body died. They are just keys.  No identifying addressees on them so its not like anyone can break in.

I just tend to be a very thorough person when I do a job and this upsets me that I must be slipping....


  1. My lost keys usually turn up. And there have been many.

  2. When I was growing up my mom was furious if I lost something. I still get unreasonably upset over losing things.


  3. I used to lose keys on a regular basis, even when they were on a proper key ring, it is so easy to do! Don't beat yourself up x


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