Sunday, July 07, 2013

dog fight

I have been dog sitting since Thursday.  A Jack-Russell terrier named Caylee and a black lab,  Arrow. Both females. Yesterday morning, I went up, brought up my large container of coffee and sat in their beautiful landscaped backyard and watched the dogs play.  Such a peaceful morning.  The day before I had seen some wild quail in the yard that had intrigued Arrow and she was still sniffing out, what was left of their delicious aroma.  When all of a sudden, I heard a dog-fight in the bushes. At first I thought perhaps, one of the dogs caught the quail - No it was Callie and Arrow, having had it - This was a major fight and they would not stop. 

Yelling their names did not work - They were up on a hill, underneath a redwood tree, out of immediate reach of me - I would have to climb, to get to them - they kept fighting - both of their eyes showing red. Callie was underneath Arrow biting her while Arrow had Callie by the neck. I could see blood.  Finally I took the hose to them.  

When I checked them out, they were wet and exhausted - with some blood showing on their coat.  I stayed a while longer to observe them and it seemed to me, everything was fine, just some nicks and scratches. Arrow is 11 years old and has always been a sweetie - and very gentle. Although she is not a weenie!  Caylee is your typical Jack-Russell-terrier (terror) A smart little pistol who is an instigator as well as a food monger! Anything you drop near her, she eats.

The dog-fight bothered me - made me sick to my stomach.  It reminded me of a vicious dog fight where both dogs were out to kill.  Not Arrow and Caylee!  They are such sweeties USUALLY to each other.  WHAT caused it?

I went back up for the mid-day check in and saw both dogs were stiff and sore.  Caylee had dried blood in her fur but it was Arrow that concerned me.  She could barely walk, her back right leg stiff and she was in pain. She barely made it outside to go pee.  I brought up the Husband with me, so he could check them out.  He is like a "animal whisperer" and was one of the reasons I fell in love with him.  Animals love him. He has a way of talking to them, even wild animals and they listen to him.  He's very gentle.  He checked out Caylee and we found a deep gouge mark in her neck and he fixed that for her - and then we tried to work with Arrow - Nothing is more pitiful than to look in the eyes of a elderly black lab, who is graying and in pain. It was killing me.  I then called the owners who are up in Oregon.

It was in their opinion that Arrow's leg was not broken but due to her age, she was probably sore and had sprained it or pulled a muscle.  The owners did not want me to take her to the vet.  They will be home today.  They gave me permission to give her aspirin last night.

I don't know, the way they were talking, it was like they are not going to do anything - she's old and they won't pay the money it would take to get xrays etc.  Hey I know, it costs to have an animal.  It's a major commitment. and the thing is, these people have money! It's not like us, who live payday to payday - however we would never allow our dog to be in pain like that.  We usually bite the bullet because our remaining dog and cat are family. We do everything we possibly can, to help them. At least we would try.

I just hope they don't put her down - I will take her if that is on the table. For goodness sakes, 11 years old is not THAT old.

I will go up to check on them for the last time this morning.  Just waiting for the husband to get off work so I have the car.  I sure do hope and pray, Arrow is better!

photo credit: Gryphes via photopin cc


  1. That's upsetting. The hose was a good idea.

    (You were on quite the comment marathon today, Coffee Lady!) :-)

  2. I hate dog fights...........they often scare me but I think hosing them down it often the best way to break them up......

    1. There was no other way! They just wouldn;t stop and I wasn't about to get bit.


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