Saturday, July 06, 2013

Are you a mediocre person?

I was thinking this the other day - how my life has been challenging and at times tragic, yet I tend to be a mediocre person.  I don't believe there is any one thing I am excellent at.  You know, the people who are really good at something - like sales.  They've never sold a thing in their lives, yet soar to the top.  It's in them to be excellent. Or athletes - some have to work at it, and others just are.  Some people are creative, to where you drop your jaw in wonder - at how some can be so imaginative.  Yet, there are some of us, who are just mediocre.  It's been born and bred in us.

I get by - I have my times when I surprise myself and do something quite well, but it's never excellent.  It's good, fair or just plain old mediocre.

Mediocre people got C's in school. Maybe an A occasionally and some B's.  C+ was good!  Mediocre people have mediocre jobs, make mediocre incomes and raise mediocre children. Live in mediocre homes, in mediocre neighborhoods and if that isn't enough, they even drive mediocre cars.  Mediocre people I have to say, work harder like Avis. 

I want to have one time in my life, where I can be a pinch and a half better than just mere mediocrity.

I don't know if I could even handle constant excellence in my life all the time, in fact - too much of it would then get mediocre for me.

Is it negative?  No I believe it's being honest with yourself if you can admit, that you are not one of the beautiful people - the creative people - the athlete or the top salesperson. 

Time for my nap....


  1. Well, I ran fast in eighth grade....hmmm.

    1. I used to run fast too. I don't ever remember being the BEST at anything. Maybe I have and it just escaped my mind...but I'm pretty sure I have never done anything extraordinary. I'm just so mediocre I am bOrInG.


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