Wednesday, July 24, 2013

ants, dead mice and microwaves

The ants are gone!  I put ant stakes all around the house and some ant bait in my cupboards. My sister, the daycare director told me to sprinkle baby powder on the ants and on their trail.  I just don't have time for that!  Plus I have wood floors - that mess would drive me crazy. 

Hello??? I see a mess

 So the other night the microwave door would not open - something wrong with the latch.  So I thought I could still use it, simply by jarring it open with a screwdriver. WRONG.  Apparently there is some safety mechanism that keeps it from turning on. The Husband is very mechanical and has a pretty good record of fixing and repairing appliances and electronics. He took it all apart and found the problem - this itty bitty plastic part - broke.  Probably not worth trying to order a part - so we took the microwave out of the RV to use until I can get a better one.

I don't use it THAT much, but my sons reheat their meals, and buy frozen dinners and snacks. They were like,

 "How will we reheat our food?"
You have to do it the old-school-way.  Get a pan, and heat it on the stove. 

Miss Buster has gifted me with two little mice and brought one to the front door and the other to the back. So proud of herself. I have to pet her and tell her how awesome she is.  She purrs and walks in and out of my legs, brushing next to me. 

It's getting slim-pickens around here with money - have 1 more week to go until payday.  Laying low I guess for this weekend.

Busy working - and finally when it gets to around 6:30 pm, I am ready to quit. I hope I am starting to get into a positive rhythm.  Keeping busy is good.  I think it takes a good 6 months minimum after you stop working, to get used to being home.  I like it but I still walk around at times, feeling guilty - No one is pushing me to go out and pound the pavement so I don't know why I feel so doggone guilty.  The Husband likes me home and likes that I am working hard at all my different financial streams.  I do sleep well at night - better than I used to.  I have a sale here and there - it all takes time.


  1. We use our microwave a lot. More than the real oven, for sure.

    1. I only use it for re-heating leftovers - of for making my coffee a bit hotter. I use it to melt or soften butter - I do bake my potatoes in there and then warp them in foil. Reheat the cat food that was in the fridge. Mainly the sons use it. Oh and the husband likes to make warm milk, or dink hot cocoa. I will make a cup of tea in the microwave.

  2. I understand about the budget being tight. Perhaps you could cook the mice in a little butter on the stove? Obviously, you can't take the usual route and microwave them.



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