Wednesday, June 12, 2013

WTH is going on?????
PLEASE BE ADVISED that I, CoffeeLady, is on a major RANT.  I need to vent or I may do something I regret - like...well I don't know... but trust me I have to do this or else. Thank You!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I don't swear - and I've already gone over that in a previous post - but there are times, when I want to just let loose - (I do have it in me) 

And today would be one of those days - Foodie got his hours cut at the Care facility where he works. He just missed, getting laid off.  He is now down to working 16 hours a week.  Why you may ask?  He says it has to do with the fact that the corporation, which runs the care facility is getting ready for Obama-care.  That should be illegal. 

I really don't understand any of it - seems no one tells the truth and I don't believe anyone - from both sides.  I keep hearing Pelosi, who said,

"We have to pass the bill, so that we can find out what is in it".

I still think that was one of the dumbest things I ever heard. And it doesn't give me a whole bunch of confidence in any of them in Washington.

So he sat down with me, and basically just told me he is so disappointed.  He owes the IRS about $500.  He really is afraid he will lose his job.  Navy told me, that is why the company he is working for, giving him less than 30 hours a week. They can't pay the health insurance. 

So what is going to happen? I am ignorant of it all because I can't find out the truth so I turned a deaf ear to it all.  So will both my sons,  get their health care for free since they make so little?  I keep hearing these scare-stories that people will be taxed or penalized by the IRS for $2000 or more a year if they do not have health coverage. I thought, Obama-care was going to help everyone have medical for free or very low cost.  I also heard that many of us will actually get checks from the government to pay for our healthcare.   I also had no idea, they were going to force people to get it or pay up.  That just doesn't sound right to me. 

Does anyone really know, what is going on with this that is non-partisan? 

Then my sister tells me that my niece left her good job at the blood bank and is now "on the system" and so is her boyfriend. They have a 2 bedroom apartment and don't have to pay the full amount of rent. Her medical is free.  Wow.  I mean I guess I am happy for her but it's starting to seem, many of these young people just give up and live off the system.  Because of this, they have decided it is not in their best financial interest, to marry - at this time.  (He can't be THAT religious)  Our daughter and son-in-law up in Washington have been unemployed for 2 years.  He finally got a cleaning job through a temp agency, working at Walmart. (once again, he said, he was told it was because they have to keep his hours under a certain amount)  The daughter is volunteering and working at the animal shelter. At least she is no longer sitting at home and she is being trained - so we're hoping she will get a job soon.  I frankly don't know how they are doing it - they don't tell us a thing, so I would imagine, that they too, are "in the system."

I told Foodie to apply for unemployment when he was laid off from the Restaurant. They DENIED HIM and now he is taking it to appeals. He has to have a full time income and the only way right now, is to work 2 part-time jobs.

I told him, to go down and apply for Cal-Fresh (food stamps) He doesn't want to.

Both my sons, have never been "in the system" and they don't want to now - but we can't afford to support them fully.  We aren't eligible.   No handouts for us!  My husband is also a disabled veteran as well as retired. HE EARNED IT with his body. Any support he gets, he has had to fight for. 

THIS IS CRAZY.  I know so many who are out of work yet I hear on the radio news daily, that the job market is improving. I have a friend whose husband has been unemployed for 2 years - they used to be business-owners but had to close up. They now,  are regulars at the local food bank.

Maybe it's because this is rural-California. Although one of Foodie's best friends back in the bay area, has been laid off, hired, laid off and hired - many times in the last 5 years. He still lives with his parents and so does his sister! My best friend, Suzie who passed away 2 years ago - I follow her 3 children on Facebook.  Two of her three had to move up to Portland to find work.  The other one is still struggling.  Suzie's husband, lost his business and is now renting out rooms in their home.  WTF is going on?????????

Things are just too mixed up. Too much government - that no one knows what the other is doing. I heard that someplace in New Jersey might vote to make it illegal to wear sag pants and go barefoot on the boardwalk.  There are laws to keep you from drinking a certain amount of soft-drink in NYC.  People want to ban this - ban that. Why not, let us DECIDE what we want to do and stay the hell out of our bedrooms, too.  I've always been much too rebellious to allow anyone control of me - and here I am now - living in a country that I don't even recognize anymore.

Nope, it's the Libertarian Party for me - all the way.  I don't need the government to tell me what to do. If I want to drink a 20 oz coke, so be it.  These laws are getting ridiculous and what surprises me, is I AM IN THE MINORITY!!!  Seems everyone is okay with whatever the government says.  WELL I AM NOT! 

O k a y ...I be done now! 

AND I want my old blog back! So there!


  1. I'm sorry you lost your blog. I got your message about the new blog but...I was in the Bahamas for a week and my laptop was in the laptop hospital for almost three weeks again!

    Holy crap woman how I missed your rants. You are the most honest to goodness blog out there :) Re-joined this #2 blog and will confirm your in my reader so I don't miss anything hopefully my laptop won't go into the toilet again!!

    1. welcome back!!! I missed your comments. Wow they have snakes there?

  2. I hear you.
    There are times I swear that our own government is trying to get the country to fail.
    Obamacare is not going to cover as many people as they said. Premiums will go up. Kids under 26 can stay on parent's health coverage. You get penalized based on how much you make and the amount is about $600 the first year, I believe and after that the penalty goes up. Some of all of this hinges on the exchanges, but not all states are participating. My state isn't. Some companies pay so much for healthcare that they may choose to drop coverage and pay the penalty per employee. It's a nightmare and it would take a LONG time to explain all of it.
    It's a disaster waiting to happen.
    Pelosi is an idiot!

    1. For every website who explains it, there is another who contradicts everything the previous one explained and if that is not confusing enough, there are more out there who explain it differently as well.

      I don't believe NO ONE fully knows the effect. Many are just guessing or lying. I just don't know WHO to trust.

  3. You go girl...
    I am dealing with the Odumbo health crap with my parents, so please do not get me started on that...
    I am sorry, but I have no respect for our president, our congress, or anything political. I do not believe anything that comes out of DC or any political whatever.
    The general public is so stupid, as they do not read, or keep up with anything. They know nothing of past history or tyrants or the general, history usually repeats itself.
    I am just trying to get my pantry stocked, and what I need, as I think this fall, something is coming down the pike and the ride is going to be bumpy.

    1. Well its always a smart thing to stock up on things when you can. I try but then we go through a hard month and eat up everything I just stocked up with. (sigh)

  4. I have never seen the entire country so completely polarized, politically, as it is now. I've almost quit Facebook a number of times, over political bullshit. I agree; I don't think we know who, or sadly probably CAN, trust either side.

    1. I guess we'll know all about it, when it happens and we need to use it. I just feel for the younger generation.

  5. I think a number businesses are using Obamacare as an excuse to cut back on employees. I've also heard tales about doctors saying they can't perform procedures and they have extra paperwork because of Obamacare. Ridiculous! The Obamacare insurance plans won't be available for enrollment until Oct. 1. They don't go into effect until Jan. 1, 2014. That doesn't have any effect on what doctors do now, and if businesses need to lay off people or cut their hours because of Obamacare, then they don't need to start now. THEY ARE USING IT TO AVOID RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR DECISIONS. I am grateful for Obamacare because I'll be able to get insurance, which I can't get now because of pre-existing conditions. People are making up a lot of lies about Obamacare. We'll SAVE money as a country with health insurance for everyone because, currently, the have nots use emergency rooms to obtain care because ERs don't turn away anyone. Seeing a doctor and obtaining preventive care is much cheaper than going to an ER. This is the way my doctor explained it to me, and in spite of my lack of insurance, she has continued to see me and even let me negotiate a lower rate with her. She has never balked at doing anything I need, and never makes up lies about Obamacare as an excuse. The biggest lie I've heard about Obamacare is that there are "death squads" that will deny care to older people. It's just plain not true. These stories are pure sensationalism invented to frighten people.


    1. I agree that I do believe some businesses are using it as a excuse. Time will tell. I believe my sons might get hurt - they make over the $15,000 but not that much and Foodie did not take on his companies insurance plan through the union because it took up 85% of his take home pay. It was $800+ a month. So he says, he will just owe the IRS because he refuses to pay it.

    2. Look at Wal-Mart. They've been notorious for years for not providing health insurance their employees can afford. Wal-Mart and other businesses have pulled this crap for years, since long before President Obama was a senator from Illinois. Wal-Mart managers were instructed to tell employees they should apply for Medicaid and food stamps. And the Walton family continues to rake in the millions. Good old Sam's kids are among the wealthiest people in the world, while their poor employees have to apply for help from the government. I have difficulty tolerating slurs on our Commander In Chief. My dad was in the military. I grew up in a house where we never bad-mouthed the President, and my folks were Democrats during the Nixon era. I heard my dad complain about Nixon once and only once. It was because President Nixon flew into town for a meeting. He arrived at the Air Force base where my dad worked. All employees were told to close their blinds and stay inside. They couldn't gather to meet Air Force One or even look at President Nixon. My dad said, We work for this country, but we aren't even allowed to look at the guy.

      Only complaint. EVER!

    3. My folks were democrat activists in San Francisco in the early 60's and help to elect JFK. They absolutely adored him. They blocked out our windows in our flat with his posters. Didn't see the sun for months! WE had pictures of him all in our house.

      I was taught to never disagree with my dad especially when it came to politics. It was his house and his way. Of course, I did. and we had many a knock down drag out type of fights.

      I became the family's black sheep when I supported Reagan. It really did break up my relationship with my family. I think that is crazy to be so into politics that you can't even have a "lets-agree-to-disagree-type-discussion". My dad and mom both took it personal and picked at me constantly. Mom was able to vote for Hillary in the primary, her first time voting for a woman - her dream. I was happy for her - but I do have to say, Mom was a Hillary supporter and did not like Obama. I wonder if she would of ever supported him???

      I consider myself a libertarian. I do tend to be fiscally conservative. But I totally rear up when the government starts telling me what I should and should not do. I get rebellious and I would rather go to jail than to ever, succumb to that type of tyranny.

      I just want to do my own thing - that is all I have ever wanted.


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