Tuesday, June 04, 2013

waiting on my coffee...

drip, drip...funny thing about coffee - long time ago I would say,

"the coffee is still perking"

...even though it wasn't.  It's been dripping since Mr Coffee changed things up back in the early 70's.

I don't have one of those expensive, individual cup coffee makers because at our house, it wouldn't be cost effective - Those coffeemakers would be good for someone who doesn't drink that much. 

A couple of years ago, I found my Mom's corning-ware coffee pot. Ah, good memories of percolated coffee in the morning - waiting for it to stop perking so I could have a cup, sometimes not waiting long enough, I would get impatient and pour in mid-perk.  We were only going to use it for a few days - however we got into the groove and it was almost a year before we got tired of it. We got pretty good at it.

It's back to the drip here - We go through a coffee maker once a year.  They just DIE on us. I guess we are hard on them...

I heard a WW2 veteran speak of  "Garbage can coffee" they would have in the army overseas. 

  • 1 garbage can
  •  coffee
  •  hot water
  •  Swish it around until the grounds settle 
  • swoop your mug in the coffee 
  •  Garbage-can-coffee. That's how you serve very large groups!


  1. Members of the military have to be quite resourceful. I'm glad my dad was stationed in California during WWII. No garbage can coffee for him, thought he did explain to us about being served "shit on a shingle."


    1. Hmmmm, shit on a shingle I believe was chipped beef on toast???? Which come to think about it I haven't had in years. My mom would make shit-on-a-biscuit when my Dad would go hunting because he hated it. We kids loved it.

    2. Yup! Chipped beef on toast. My mom never made it. I don't think my dad wanted to see it ever again, and we kids had never eaten it so we had no reason to beg for it.

  2. LOL And I remember the corning ware.... :)

    1. They really are relics - I love it.

  3. Hi! I am your newest follower. I received an old Corning pot from a family friend. I am still trying to get used to it but I absolutely love the coffee that comes from it. It is hotter and better tasting than the drip. We only use it once in awhile because of the time it takes to perc.

    1. Hi there and welcome Katrin. You are right about how it stays hotter and I love my coffee HOT. Happy you are here!


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