Friday, June 14, 2013

Unaffordable Healthcare???


This is exactly, what I have been concerned about - In today's local paper, there was an Associated Press article:

It goes on to explain how employers are dodging the loop holes, and offering unaffordable health plans to lower income workers (restaurant chain workers, retail, and hotels) They have fulfilled their obligation by offering the employee insurance, however the employee is still mandated to get health insurance.  Many are expected to stay uninsured and risk fines - That would be my sons, who have already crunched the numbers and said they can't afford it. A worker making 21,000 a year would be required to pay 9.5% of his income - which means premiums as high as $1995 a month. Foodie's offer was more than half of his take home pay. Plus workers who make more than $15,900 won't be eligible for the Medicaid expansion.

I don't know if this is true or what - but this scares me because it effects my sons. This whole thing sounds like a MESS.  Sure they will eventually work it out, but meanwhile, fines and penalties will be charged to these hardworking people and will they ever get that money back? I really feel for those in this bracket of income.

I'm thinking, what happens to those who are unable to pay - therefore are fined by the IRS?  They can't pay that either - so it accumulates - would that mean, prison for these people or would the IRS garnish their meager wages? 

This was not a well thought out plan - too many unknowns and it will come down on the back of those who really need this.  Does anyone even care about those in this income bracket?

I hope and PRAY,  I am wrong!


  1. The people who don't care about those in the low income bracket are the ones who don't want universal health insurance. There will be assistance for people with low incomes. These scare tactics are ridiculous.



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