Saturday, June 15, 2013

remembering the good old days

This is where I grew up - and that's my streetcar!

Ohhhhh I could get used to this. It's quiet. The Husband is down at the VFW hall, doing a big fundraiser for a Vietnam Memorial at our local veterans cemetery.  In about an hour I am sure it will change. 

The good old days

I miss the area I grew up in and lived until 5 years ago.  I think I may be homesick.  I'd love to go into to San Francisco and actually play tourist for a few days, closer to Sept or Oct when the weather is the best.  I wish I could afford to move back but it is impossible.  Only the really well off can afford to live there now. Everyone I know, sold out in the late 70's early 80's and moved on.  And you can bet they REGRET it. Everyone moved down the peninsula - or across the bay, away from the city-life.  It's funny, when I lived in the city, I always thought of myself as a country girl who loves the city - I loved to hike and be outside and do things.  Then years later, I find myself in more rural area and finally determine that I am a city-girl - through and through. I like it here but it's different.

If I were still living in the city, I wouldn't be bored. I could walk everywhere or I could take public transportation from A to B.  You really don't even need a car.  I knew families who kept their car in storage and only took it out on the weekends.  We had a garage, where I lived.  It used to be a horse stall during the early 1900"s and was converted into a primitive garage with dirt.  But the old Chevrolet didn't get driven until Saturdays when we would go down the coast or out to Playland at beach.  During the week, Mom would go down with her shopping cart, to the market and grocery shop.  I could totally do that now. 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Talked to my sister-in-law in Alabama and she said my brother is seeing things.  He has these bad horrible dreams at night, where he sees snakes and he is fighting them, all night long. He isn't getting any rest and obviously neither is she. He's going in to see the doctor next week.  He's not old - he's 61 or 62 - I forget. 

I feel better today - getting out helped, even though it was like pulling teeth. Once I am out, I am fine.  

Oh how I miss the good old days...things are just too complicated now. 


  1. Every time I've made friends and gotten used to a place, I've had to move. I think that's over. I love San Francisco, but, yes, it's too expensive to live there unless you work for Google. The Hurricane pays about $1,000/month for a studio apartment.


    1. A few years back Foodie was renting a cute studio in Menlo Park for 1250 a month. (near Stanford) The rents are very high and always have been. I raised my family just one exit from Oracle.

      The whole area is too expensive and congested with traffic and people on top of people. Crowds everywhere you go - you wait in a line. I hate that!

    2. At least The Hurricane's neighborhood is quiet and pleasant -- most of the time.

  2. I am also a city girl, hubby always use to say he would like to live in the outback but even he has changed and now he says he would prefer to live somewhere that feels like it's the country but still close to the city also he now realises he doesn't want to be away from his girls and grandchildren......

    1. There is something to living in the city if you can afford it.

      That's sweet that your husband doesn't want to move away from his girls and grandchildren.

  3. I went to Sam Francisco a few years ago and loved it. The street cars are awesome, I love the old pics you have posted. X


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