Thursday, June 27, 2013

no weigh-in this week

I chickened out and basically am delaying the inevitable.  I have totally blown it with my diet.  I had a couple of Hershey bars, and I've eaten some rice with a few meals, some pasta and my son brought home some homemade bread from the care facility, that was delicious with some butter. I know my addiction.  It's chocolate, breads, pasta and rice. (Jasmine being my favorite)  I still fit into my size 10 pants - so I haven't noticed anything there - I just hope I can at least lessen the sting by getting back to following the program this week. Proteins and green veggies! My sore toe keeps me from doing to much of a power walk - I am literally pussy-footing around, babying this toe which is starting to get to me. I can walk on it fine - but when I start jogging or dancing hard, it starts to hurt.  I knew toes were important but this is crazy.

My approach to eating and dieting is this:  I try to not eat any processed foods if I can help it although I am not a fanatic.  I don't feel at this time, that I need to be. One thing that I have totally knocked out, that I knew was making me belly-fat was drinking a cola, twice a day.  Since I have always hated diet-drinks, I went for the regular coke.  Just by cutting that out,  and only having one as a treat, has made a difference in my weight-loss.  I have since had maybe one of two since Jan, and while they were good, and cold, I noticed how sweet they really are and I really don't like sweet as much as I used to.

Also, when I am making a meal - I look for a more natural "starch" or carbohydrate to enhance my meal.  Meat, a green veggie and yellow squash, or corn, or a small potato - rather than pasta or rice. If I do rice, I am trying to do brown. But even with the brown-rice, I try to limit how much of that in a week that I eat. 

So I know what I have done wrong - and I am trying to play catch up so that next week's weigh in won't be THAT bad.  If I could only break even I would be thrilled.

Vacations and getting away, even just for a few days, can really mess me up. 


  1. It sounds like you've made a lot of positive changes, good for you! I could never give up Coca-Cola even though I know it's terrible, it just tastes so delicious.

    1. I love it too but it had to go. It's a "treat" now.

  2. You looked good in the camping pic...keep it up, Coffee Lady!

  3. Hershey bars. I read that and thought about how long it's been since I've had any kind of candy bar. I can't remember the last time I ate one. Fortunately, before making a mad dash to a store, I realized I don't want a candy bar. What's wrong with me?


    1. Another treat - I don't eat them either but when we went camping I forgot to buy the rest of the stuff for smores, which I am not fond of but the Husband likes. I did remember the Hershey bars. So here we are - with 6 Hershey bars and....well someone had to eat them!


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