Sunday, June 30, 2013

June, you are history!

bye bye June

Finally I can settle down and post - I've been very busy this past week, but in a good way.

I hate talking all the time about weather but I guess I just am really into it - and especially when it does affect my life. It has been so doggone HOT.  I stopped checking how hot it is.  Anything upwards of 110+ all seems the same to me - miserable.  Right now, the Husband just got home from work, and he is out there mowing the backyard before it gets too hot. It's about 88 right now. I think my poor tomatoes are drying on the vine.  They need sun yes, but I think we need to use some kind of solar screen to keep them from cooking!  I feel sorry for our little fish in the pond - they go deep, in the afternoon and hide under rocks.  Supposed to be hotter tomorrow - Yesterday we were 110. 

I paid bills yesterday and got myself all set up for July.  - I still am finding it hard to budget with a once month income.  I guess it takes time to master. Things happen, and unexpected expenses that really drain the checking account to where, these last few days we are living on fumes!  Only because I am in a good mood - it is kinda fun in a way - to see what we are made of.  But when I am feeling down or in a funk - I start all of that stinkin thinkin crap in my head,  which really makes me spiral down....

I am in a good place mentally, right now and I honestly don't know why.  Perhaps reading more positive books and that one by Joyce Meyer is really good and makes me THINK in a more positive way.  Although I do have to war, with my depression on a daily basis,  I just need more tools to use.  Prayer helps - it really does. And focusing on others instead of me, myself and I. (within reason of course)

Tomorrow when the Husband gets off work, we are going up to Whiskeytown Lake for a swim with Daisey. Too crowded on the weekends.

So, what have I learned from June?  

  1. That my special place happens to be in my thinking - it's been there all along. 
  2. Stubbed toes HURT like Hell and healthy toes are very important.
  3. Snails do not belong in the house
  4. I'm going to have a great-nephew in early Nov. 
  5. Don't let the turkeys get you down
  6. I can stretch myself and live to talk about it later
  7. You can't hide from your weight-coach forever (My weigh-in is this Tuesday)

Bye bye June 2013 - it was nice knowing ya....

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  1. Hello July. I feel's so cool and pleasant on my nasty deck that needs work...

    Wasn't it 118 in Las Vegas?

    1. Hmmmm, you should feel guilty. But wasn't it last year, that back there you all had sweltering heat? Honestly, it is not that unusual for this kind of heat here, except that we usually get it more in late July or August. We have been more humid than we usually are and that is hard for us, who are used to humidity hovering around 10% or less.

  2. It's so hot and humid I can barely stand to leave the house. Best wishes with your weigh-in. I have a friend who really loves Joyce Meyer, but I don't know much about her.


    1. I either get out in the early morning or after the sun goes down. It's still hot either way, but in the evening it's rather nice.

  3. June is gone........oh no...........where did June go.........will June come back..........oh of course she will in about 11 months

    Now 110 is bloody hot we get it that hot here so I know how it feels.......I often buy a $10 gift card when I do my food shopping so if I need stuff before the next pay and have no money I can use the card to get what I need. I have suggested to my daughter that it might be a good idea for her as they only do food shopping every two weeks and there are many times when they are running out of things like milk and bread before the next shop.

    1. Yeah but not June 2013!!!! :-)

      Its funny you mentioned the gift card - I was just thinking of that yesterday.


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