Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Happy Wednesday!

I actually hate that term, "Hump Day."  it just annoys me -  Maybe I have a dirty mind, but I don't think of it as being mid-week, you know...Maybe now, this camel will change the way I think of this nasty day. When I was married to my first husband, he would always mention that it was "hump day" and then give me the look.  "HUMP" just takes out all the love and romance of the actually hump. That was all it was to him. 

That is why I can't bring myself to wish people a happy hump day.  I get these visions in my mind - I'd rather just say, Happy Wednesday!


  1. I hate that term too. My husband calls Wednesday the "midweek shuffle" which cracks me up.

  2. I don't care for that term either and never use it. Dr. X had a mind like your first husband.


  3. hahaha!

    *(I have no problem with the term. I'm just glad the week is halfway over.)


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