Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Bonus Post -

I actually remember Moms wearing this.

 I worked out in the morning and then I went shopping for a few summer things that fit.  I am down to a size 10.  I bought 3 pairs of capri's - I won't wear shorts out in public anymore until it is 115 degrees then I just don't give a hoot anymore.  I put my hair in a pony tail, wear shorts and a tank top and just DARE anyone to even LOOK at me the wrong way. 

I went to Kohl's - had a 30% off coupon and $5.00 and of course everything I bought was on sale. I saved $174.  Only spent 70.70 on the 3 pants and 1 cute top.

Marilyn Monroe

I felt really proud of myself.  I still have that gut thing going on - and the size 10 is a bit snug but it fits. The size 12 swam on me. Anyway, lets get real here - I don't believe today's size 10 is like the size 10 about 20 years ago.  It's much bigger TODAY.  Everyone always talks about how Marilyn Monroe was a size 11 - but that was then. Now it's probably a size 5.  We also didn't have size 0 - back when I was a kid. I mean, what is UP with a size 0?

Tomorrow I am stepping out of my comfort zone - I am going to a baby shower at Curves. Ahhhhhh.  One of the coaches there is expecting and she has one of those pregnancies where she has to quit her job and get rest. So she's leaving.  Sarge talked me into it - Oh what the heck- I am starting to enjoy the old gals at Curves anyway.

I forgot to mention that I weighed in yesterday and stayed the same. Bummer! But my body fat did go down.  So that is always a plus.

Well I better do something constructive.  Try and find out what we will have for dinner.  I am also getting bored with food, to where I have to make myself eat. Maybe that is why I have a major headache right now.


  1. Good for you on getting into smaller pants. I think the sizes are different too. These companies give person a false sense of security. They wear the same size so they aren't getting bigger.
    Losing inches/body fat counts for a lot in my book.
    Have fun at the shower!

  2. congrats on the size 10!!!! (oh, and Marilyn really wasn't that small. ;) )

  3. Well I personally think size 0 is anorexic. I dont think I would want to be smaller than a size 5 or 6. I am neither.

  4. Good for you for losing weight and going shopping! I like Kohl’s and it sounds like you got some great deals. I don’t wear shorts out in public anymore either but if it got to 115 degrees, then the heck with it, I might do it lol! Have a good time at that shower!

  5. I remember the 5-7-9 stores when I was in high school. I felt so big because I couldn't wear anything in that size. Sounds like you got a great deal at Kohl's - try not to focus on size but fit!

  6. If you're like me, then you have post-menopausal belly fat. It's the last thing to go.


    1. Yep, that's it! I don't think I will ever get rid of it!

  7. I am a size 10/11 but ideally want to be an 8. I was a 0 about 5 years ago when I was I'll and have photos wear I look awful!

    1. I told my coach at Curves I want to get into a size 5. I still have my size 5 white jeans packed away. They are back in's been like 15 years since I was that small.


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