Thursday, June 06, 2013

Another Bonus Post

Baby showers are boring - I don't care for them anymore.  I only stayed about 45 minutes and then snuck out.  They held it at this little tea house which was cute.  I'm not a big talker so all these women, yapping their can some talk like that? As it was, the whole experience just drains me. Plus I started to get a headache.

We were all talking about grandchildren - which I do not have yet.  So I mentioned that my niece was due in early Nov.  So the gal next to me,  asked if we knew the sex and I told her we don't - but my sister and I are hoping for a girl - because the father is a practicing Muslim and in that culture, the man names the son.  The wife names the daughter.  So my great nephew could be a Muhammad, Abdul, Abbas, etc...  My goodness, if looks could KILL.  She looked at me. All the women at the table kinda got quiet....asked me where she lives.  I guess she thought she lived in the middle east - I told her, Sacramento.  Still quiet.

While she or the other women at the table did not openly bash my niece or Muslims, I am still protective of my family and I could feel the icy reception.  Yeah well,  I wish my niece was not marrying a Muslim man - I was not surprised.  After all, it was my sister who married a Muslim man and started that new "family line" so Nissa naturally gravitated toward that.  Bottom-line - its her choice. She is pretty tight within the community there and so she is protected.  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't concerned for her and the baby, especially if he is a boy...with so many red-blooded Americans ready to pass judgement on every Muslim they see and sadly, I see it getting worse. 

I know I didn't have to mention it., but why not?  I love my niece just as they all love their loved ones - plus I thought it was a interesting tidbit to share.  I can't help it if they are all Islamophobic!

I remember all this when my sister was married to Abbas. The comments and "terrorist jokes" and all.  It got annoying because the more I got to know that side of the family, the more I observed a very intelligent group of people. I truly enjoyed them and they accepted me even as a Christian. Sure family dinners were interesting but if I was at their home, I was pleasant and if they were at my house, they were pleasant and respectful.

Just bugged me -

PS - my post from my other blog - when I first found out about my niece -


  1. I could have written that first paragraph about myself.

    Just because someone is Muslim does not make them a bad person. There are extremists in every religion.

  2. I forgot to say, that was a very thoughtful and interesting post.

  3. The majority of Muslims are perfectly nice, peace loving people. I know how it feels to have people respond that way, though, and I don't like it.


  4. What a great post. I think it's great that you shared your tidbit and too bad that they didn't take the opportunity to learn about a culture different than theirs.

    Agree with your first part, showers are the worst.


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