Monday, May 27, 2013

We will remember

My Dad - age 19

I'm loving this weather - right now there is a soft gentle rain.  The birds are loving it and it's soft enough to where they just continue their singing and chirping. We have some LOUD birds in our yard this year.  They wake me up every morning - that is the way we should wake up. Naturally.  I think it makes for a better day.

Memorial Day is one of those days, where saying, "Have a happy memorial day" just doesn't fit. So I don't say it.  Drives me batty though when store cashiers say it. I realize they are really meaning the "weekend" part, but it still bugs me. Also because we as a couple. are very active in anything having to do with Veterans affairs: Plus he is chaplain at VFW, works at Cal Vet, is retired military etc. We notice those things. 

Dad in Korea

So today we'll do what we always do - and that is go up to the Veterans Cemetery for the memorial day services. That is where my Dad, a Korean war vet is laid to rest. I always feel such peace when I am there and it amazes me how fast the cemetery is filling up.  Mostly with WW2 and Korean War Vets but now the Vietnam Era and Iraq and Afghanistan. 

The Korean War Memorial at our Veterans Cemetery

It is also a place where The Husband and I will also be -  WE have that part all per-arranged.

I watched the National Memorial Day concert last night on PBS and it was touching. We also watched the movie Hanoi Hilton and the Pianist.  I have always enjoyed watching historical dramas.


  1. My dad was a World War II vet. Memorial Day sales kind of bug me. Thanks for a good post.


    1. I don't shop on memorial day.

  2. I saw The Pianist recently. Wow.

    Love your Dad's picture. Do you look more like him than your Mom?

    1. I think I am a good blend of both of them.

      I saw the Pianist when it came out and hadn't seen it since and yeah, you're right - Wow. I looked up the real Pianist and saw his real pictures and he married and had 2 kids. Also the Nazi Officer that saved his life is in the Yad Vashem as righteous among the nations. The Pianist's wife is still alive and her and their son along with that officer were instrumental in getting that officer accepted in. Amazing true story.

    2. I meant to add, officer's family - were instrumental.

    3. I also researched the real Pianist. I loved the Nazi in the movie, and researched him too.

      I watched another true story recently and researched it... The Intouchables.

    4. I went to check the spelling of The Intouchables and my comment went bye bye. It's another movie (French subtitled) that you have to research also. Amazing.

    5. I'll have to look for that movie. Thanks

  3. I've not seen the Pianist, I'll add it to out list of movies to watch. The old pictures of your dad are lovely. X


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