Tuesday, May 28, 2013

UPDATE on weigh-in

Anybody read this article?  Don't just sit there = Sitting is the new smoking

Well after a beer and some cookies, I still lost 1 1/2 pounds.  It's the working out that I am finding is essential. I am now 156 pounds. WOW that is great.  But I won't really count this all until I get down to 149 because I have been 150+ for about 2 years and it was a struggle - although if I really am honest I didn't try that much to lose it like I am now. Sarge (my coach) said that by the time I get to be 60 which is March 2 next year, I should look fantastic if I keep up this pace. 

The totals since 1/17/2013

total inches - 11.75
weight - 12.88 lbs
total body fat % = -1.70
body fat = -8.11 lbs

since 1/17

bust  -2.25 inches
waist  -2.50
abdomen -3.75
hips  -1.25
thigh - 2.00 inches
arm  0

Here is Daisey at the Rescue that day we adopted her


  1. The abdomen stats are the most impressive. What kind of beer?

    1. Just what one of my son's had bought - a Budweiser

  2. That is one cute dog!

  3. Beautiful Daisey, ready to go to her forever home. Congratulations on being a loser. I'm one, too. Another five pounds gone in the past month, and five inches gone from my waist over three months.


  4. I've just started exercising a month ago. Well long way to go. Hope I can keep up like you do. I hat exercising though.
    Sorry to hear about your old blog. Well following you on your new one. Hope you can visit mine too.

  5. Also following on bloglovin. The 3rd follower.

    1. following you back on bloglovin -


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