Tuesday, May 07, 2013

The many faces of my middle-child

Ah the middle child - sandwiched between 2 vibrant personalities and characters = Foodie.  (aka Dan the Man) What a complex soul this one is.  Michael and him were best buds.  He looked up, to Michael.  Michael was his big brother! He was with me, when we got the news of Michael's death. 

He has a very protective nature and if you take the time, to get to know him through his tough, defensive personality, he can be very caring and sentimental.  He's the one, who smokes (raised in a non-smoking home) independent, highly intelligent yet won't live up to his potential and is just totally anti-establishment. He is tightly wound. He took Michael's death hard in his way, and the abandonment of his father hurts him yet he acts as if he doesn't care.  Believe me, he does.

This one has given me every gray hair I have.  But I love him.  He can be difficult.  He's had his troubles - from his own poor choices and bad decisions.  He is paying for them now.  That is why he is with us.  He is a hard worker with workaholic tendencies.  He's worked with food in some capacity since he was 16.  He's done pizza, worked in deli's - management trainee at In and Out -  a few years at Safeway -  now at a local upscale restaurant and a nutrition assistant at a care facility thus the nickname of Foodie.  He's working 2 part time jobs to make a unlivable full time income.  He loves to cook but he doesn't necessarily like to clean up after his cooking or if he does, it is not to my standards.  DRIVES ME NUTS! 

He's good to me and always thanks me.  He does talk too much - goes on and on which scrambles my brain at times.  Unfortunately, he and the Husband do not get along.  I think what happened was, when I remarried, The Husband moved in.  One evening, we were all sitting down to dinner and Foodie liked to sit where his dad used to sit.  The husband said,

"I will be sitting there now".

and that just about crushed him.  Something so silly has put a major wedge between them.  Not that they both have not contributed equally to this wedge. They both can be total BUTT-HEADS with each other and at times, make my serene world a stressful mess.

I hope and pray, that he can get his act together.  He is a good guy - doesn't go out and drink or do drugs.  He doesn't run with a bad crowd. He works hard, comes home and goes to bed and does it again and again, day in and day out - trying to get things paid off so that one day, he can get back out on his own.  His way to unwind, is to go backpacking - loves to hike and be out in nature. In fact, if he was born 150 years ago, I'd see him as a gold-miner. He loves adventure and photography and would love to live in the mountains one day.


  1. awwww. and great to see some pictures of YOU, my friend!

  2. I have enjoyed reading about your sons! I hope Foodie is able to become successful in all that he does. Navy is a great looking guy too!!

    1. we moms always want the best for our kids and when you are a young mom, you just don't realize how much you still worry about them when they are older. The old saying, "little kids - little problems, adult kids-adult problems." Oy vey!

  3. He sounds like a lovely boy, really good to see some photos of you both too. It must have been hard for him losing his big brother and then not getting on with your husband. All you can do is be there for him, he'll sort himself out one day :)

  4. He sounds a lot like my son.


  5. Anonymous7:11 PM

    He's cute too. So are you.


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